It′s official! Michael Savage is in and Sean Hannity is out! The host of ′The Savage Nation′ will be taking over the much-coveted drive-time slot on Cumulus stations come January, 2014. Just as Savage predicted a month ago, the ′Wallbanger′ is waning in popularity. Hannity will still be with Premier Networks, but will be losing a huge market share. Michael Savage radio stations will include most of the powerful, 50,000 watt blow-torch stations like WABC, KABC, KSFO, WLS, and, of course, the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR. Has psychological nudity triumphed over knee-jerk plethora? Will talk radio ever be the same?

michael savage in sean hannity out

I know, I′m biased! I never have liked Hannity, neither his radio or TV show. His guest-driven program was unimaginative, banal and insipid. After 2012, I′ve had enough of the rouge′s gallery of stooges Hannity would parade, like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter and Charles Krauthammer. Why do I hold Hannity in disdain and not Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck? Simple, they have always been honest that they are entertainers first. The delusional Hannity actually thinks he is serious. In many respects, he is not much better than Mr. Narcissist, Barack Hussein Obama. Especially when Sean teams up with that other ′Great American′, ′The Great One′ Mark Levin. If Sean Hannity were a Shakespearean character, he would be Dogberry, whom, as we all know, is an ass!

But let me turn to the positive and sing the praises of Dr. Michael Savage. At last, we shall have a true, independent voice in daytime radio. Mind you, I will miss the coziness of his evening broadcast. WJR plays his first two hours from 11pm till 1am EDT, which is a problem for me but I do try to manage staying up long enough to listen to his first couple segments. The late hour sort of takes me back to my shortwave days of listening to William Cooper′s ′Hour of the Times′. I often feel like I am in France 1941 listening to a Free French broadcast from the BBC. I should expect the Gestapo to kick in my door and arrest me while I′m listening to ′The Savage Nation′.

Now that Michael Savage has won the drive-time slot on Cumulus, sending Sean Hannity packing, the voice of psychological nudity will send the cockroaches scurrying in the bright light of day. America will be a better place for it. So congratulations, Doc Savage, king of talk radio! John has a long mustache and God save the foundation!