Once again, we see the establishment elite in the Republican party, joining left-wing moonbat liberals in hooting down Tea Party conservatives, as they chortle over their “silly efforts” to defund Obamacare. Ridiculing Sen. Ted Cruz for his courageous display of stamina in speaking out against this “trainwreck and nightmare” to every camera and microphone they can find.

© by John Hawkins

What I question is, how is the establishment strategy working? How has their strategy panned out over the past decade? Let’s take a quick look…

We could go back to the days of the Carter administration to find the first fault signs, when establishment elites backed Gerald Ford for President instead of Reagan, and lost. Then they backed George H.W. Bush over Reagan, and lost. But it’s interesting to note, people old enough to purchase cigarettes, were born in 1995, so many of us simply don’t remember the Carter era. No need in wasting space lamenting over water that far under the bridge, let’s jump ahead to times we can all remember.

George W. Bush, the son of H.W., had been elected and re-elected by fairly slim margins over the democratic contender, and this was because the GOP establishment ‘unified’ with social conservatives. This coalition ushered in the age of Compassionate Conservatism, which many fiscal conservatives dubbed, “Liberal Light.” And it was in the wake of his re-election, the fiscal conservatives could stand no more. They became widely outspoken critics of his spending, many of them leaving the party for Libertarianism. There was no ‘natural’ VP waiting in the wings to assume the role of Bush as president, Dick Cheney was far too old and had health issues, besides being a very divisive and polarizing figure. He had ‘gravatas’ and he was a smart man, especially on foreign policy, but he had the likeability factor of an ogre. All of this culminated in the establishment looking outside the box for a suitable candidate, and they believed that would be John McCain.

Now the social conservative and fiscal conservative base is still out there, and they didn’t seem to be sold on McCain. After all, he had sided with Democrats a number of times on spending bills, and gave us arguably the biggest attack on the 1st Amendment in over 30 years, with McCain-Feingold. Still, the establishment strategists said this man couldn’t be beat, he was the best possible candidate. Other names emerged but fell by the wayside, Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney, Keyes, Paul. In the end, the establishment strategy prevailed and we got McCain, who surprised everyone by selecting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Palin was almost immediately under attack from the establishment elite, as she was a political outsider, not someone who held regard for the establishment strategy. As the campaign progressed, it was clear that McCain had picked her to appeal to these social conservative/ fiscal conservative voters out there, who weren’t all that fired up over him, but he wouldn’t allow her to be herself and speak her mind. He ran a campaign that wouldn’t attack Obama in any way, while the democrats teed off on him daily, as well as his gagged and bound running mate, sitting in the corner of the campaign bus. Still, this is the way the establishment elite said it had to be done! Have to appeal to those ‘moderates’ out there, forget about the bible thumpers and ‘extremists’ who believe in fiscal responsibility. Of course, the strategy failed.

In 2010, many of the fiscal and social conservatives had become so disenfranchised by the party establishment, they formed a grass roots movement called the Tea Party. They nominated fiscal and social conservatives who weren’t political insiders, many had never ran a campaign for federal office before. They unseated several prominent republicans backed by the establishment, in the primary races. This is where the history becomes fascinating. In the general election, the establishment abandoned these grass roots candidates, and joined in with the liberals to mock and ridicule their lack of experience. They had warned in the primaries that if their candidate didn’t win, the GOP would lose the seat to the democrat in the general election, and by god, they were determined to see to it that happened as they predicted. Despite having to fight the left and establishment right to get elected, a hoard of Tea Party Republicans embarked on Capitol Hill as new freshmen. The establishment strategy failed to keep the GOP from winning a majority in the House, but were able to help democrats retain control of the Senate.

Now in 2012, you’d think that maybe the establishment would have figured out, the Tea Party means business and is not going away, but they continued to attack them, again joining the left in denouncing, ridiculing, condescension, and marginalization. To their credit, they did decide to put all their money on Romney, and never flinched. While the Tea Party split their votes between a stable of candidates, all cancelling each other out at the end of the day, and giving us, once again, the establishment candidate. The man the establishment strategy said was the best man to beat Obama. Once again, the establishment strategy failed.

The most amazing thing is, since the latest defeat, it seems the establishment is so lacking in self confidence, they essentially believe the only thing they can do at this point is become exactly like the liberal democrats. They have completely lost the fiscal and social conservative base, who are beside themselves over where to turn now. The GOP leadership has delivered one failed strategy after another, and we are expected to swallow the idea that we shouldn’t even try to fight Obamacare anymore, just accept it because “elections have consequences.” Same goes for the expectation of budgets, amnesty for illegal immigrants, debt ceilings and everything else. According to the establishment strategy, there isn’t a thing we can do about this because we only control one half of one third. In order to govern, we need to elect more establishment republicans so they can implement more of their brilliant strategy to be more like the liberals, in the hopes that we can attract the ‘moderate’ vote.

This has become political insanity. Repeating the same failed actions and expecting a different outcome. The Tea Party has proven it can nominate and elect grass roots candidates in the primaries against establishment elites, and the establishment has proven they will turn coat on these candidates and join the liberal media in crucifying them in the general elections. They are literally consuming their own party before our very eyes, to avoid reconciling their failed strategies. Insanity, meet political cannibalism. Liberals, being the sicko perverts they are, have enjoyed every second of this. But understand something, viable and strong political movements often take some time to develop their ‘sea legs’ and get the train moving. Once that happens, it’s all over but the crying, because nothing is going to stop them. Ask any number of defunct parties in history who have tried and failed.

The political strategies of the GOP establishment have failed miserably, and they will continue to fail. They have become the party of defeatism and surrender, and they stand for virtually nothing. Yet, their strategy continues to be, keep standing for nothing and hope to appeal to ‘moderates’ who ironically, also stand for nothing.