Texas Senator Ted Cruz began his ′filibuster′ on Tuesday afternoon at 2:41pm EDT and has been talking ever since. As Cruz digs in to take on the government healthcare mandate, known as the Un-Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, he faces opposition from within the Republican caucus. Technically, what Ted Cruz and his allies, like Ron Paul, Mike Lee, and others are doing is not a true filibuster. What is a filibuster? By definition it is a method to delay or block a piece of legislation from being debated and or voted on. But what Cruz is doing is actually closer to the etymology of the term filibuster, derived from the Dutch word, vrybutier, or ′free booter′. An act of piracy, or, in this case, to pirate control of the Senate against authority.

ted cruz filibuster

The authority being that of Harry Reid, who wants to hold a closure vote today to end any additional amendments other than his own. As Majority Leader, Reid, if successful, will be able to use a method known as ′filling the tree′, where in only he can offer an amendment to the final bill which could then be passed by a simple majority. But to get there, Reid needs 60 votes today to enact closure, which means he′ll need at least 6 Republican senators to vote with the Democrats.

Back in the days of adventure on the high seas, the filibuster or free booter was a champion of the oppressed. Fighting against the tyranny of authority, bringing relief to those in despair. More often than not, the fight itself was an act of desperation, which usually resulted in the free booter being hung or beheaded, with his severed head hung from the bow sprint of the victor′s ship. Will Ted Cruz be hung out to dry as well? Will the Day of the Wacko Bird end with tyranny winning?

Polls show as many as 70% of Americans believe that the Affordable Care Act is a bad law. That it has problems and issues which need to be addressed. Yet, Harry Reid will not entertain any such repairs except those which he himself favors. A number of amendments are waiting to be added to the House continuing resolution bill that would fund the government while defunding ObamaCare. Such as delaying the individual mandate for at least one more year, just as Obama has already done for employers. Another calls for removing the ′carve-outs′ which practically exempt members of Congress and their staff from ObamaCare. Many Federal workers also have exemptions, including White House staffers and those who work for the IRS, who will be enforcing the ACA mandates. If the ACA is so wonderful, so good, then why are our politicians, their staff and appointees all trying to be exempted from it?

The answer is simple, the Un-Affordable Care Act is a horrible law which is why Ted Cruz is doing his filibuster. Cruz digs in to take on the government, in particular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, for blocking any amendments. Mike Lee, Rand Paul and others have joined Cruz in his semi-faux-non-filibuster-filibuster. The Ted Cruz filibuster may not succeed, but that does not mean it is not worth doing. Stopping ObamaCare is a fight worth taking any time, anywhere. So let us join in a salute to our celebration of the Day of the Wacko Bird! A bit easier to comprehend than Obama′s celebration on Monday of Bisexual Visibility Day.