Was the Washington Naval Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, an Islamic terrorist? Was his use of the name Mohammed Salem on his Facebook page more than just a coincidence? Or was he a Buddhist, driven insane by world events he had no power over? Why did he scroll ′My ELF Weapon′ on the butt of his shotgun? Are Emergency Low Frequency radio waves used by the U.S. government responsible for Alexis going insane? Did he believe he was a ′Targeted Individual′ as others who hear voices claim? Radio host Alex Jones believes the incident was a ′False Flag′ operation to distract us from other events. He′s not alone as Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy also thinks that the Washington naval yard shooting was another deliberate attempt by te federal government to stir up support for more gun control laws and eventually, gun confiscation. There are many Washington Naval Yard shooting conspiracy theories floating about. Here are a few more…

naval yard conspiracy theory

Why was the shooting, which happened one week ago on Monday, September 16, 2013, reported in an article by The Daily Courier with a time stamp of Sunday, September 15, 2013? Remember how ′Mr. X′, played by Donald Sutherland in the film, ″JFK″, told of how he was in New Zealand reading a newspaper with full details about Lee Harvey Oswald within hours of the shooting in Dallas, Texas. Did somebody goof and published the story too soon? Or did somebody goof and forget it was Monday? This is the stuff that makes for a great conspiracy theory!

If this was a ′False Flag′ operation, why? What was the objective? To distract us from new revelations about the Benghazi and IRS scandals? Or to put the budget battle and ObamaCare debate on the back-burner for a week? Perhaps it was because the plan for starting a wider war in Syria failed? How about the story concerning the stand-down orders given to the Capitol Hill police SWAT team? Why were they told to back off when they could have possibly ended the carnage quicker? Who gave the order and why?

There are other Washington Naval Yard shooting conspiracy theories out there. Such as how the number of bodies removed does not jive with the number of claimed victims. Or about the real reason why naval yard shooter Aaron Alexis was so traumatized by the 9/11 attack in 2001. Or how he got his security clearance despite numerous run-ins with the law. Was Aaron Alexis a Muslim, a Buddhist, or just a whack-job? Whatever your cup of tea is, there is a conspiracy theory to match.