Gunmen in Nairobi, Kenya have killed at least 59 people and wounded over 170 at the upscale Westgate Shopping Mall. Perhaps as many as 30 members of the Al Qaeda linked terrorist group, Al Shabab, assaulted the mall on Saturday around noon, local time. They targeted Westerners and non-Muslims as the terrorists cleared the mall of Muslims before beginning their violent rampage. The shopping mall, frequented by the wealthy and elite of Kenya, as well as popular with foreigners, was turned into a battle zone as grenades and automatic rifle fire disrupted a children′s day event. The armed terrorists have taken hostages in Kenya′s mall and efforts by police and Kenyan military forces have yet to succeed in ending the stand-off. Al-Shabab is a Somali-based terrorist group which has threatened to attack Kenya after they and other African nations launched attacks in Somalia in 2011 to prevent Al Qaeda from controlling the war-torn nation.

gunmen kenya

The Kenyan Red Cross has stated that as many as 49 people are unaccounted for. How many are held hostage is anyone′s guess. Over 1,000 people have been rescued by Kenyan forces since the tragedy began yesterday. Kenya officials say that much of the mall is now cleared of terrorists but the the third floor and basement levels are still occupied.

Al Qaeda also made headlines this week as its forces captured a town in northern Syria, burning Christian churches and forcing non-Muslims to convert or be killed. Once again we have another failure with Barack Obama and his foreign policy. You may recall how last year, during his reelection campaign, Obama claimed that Al Qaeda was on the run. Bin Laden was dead and GM was alive. Well, it would seem that he was seriously mistaken about that, just as he was mistaken about everything else he has ever said.

As the stand off between Al Qaeda gunmen in Kenya at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi enters its second day, the death toll continues to climb. Members of the Al-Shabab terrorist group from Somalia have seized the shopping mall. The Somali-based group is in Kenya to seek revenge for the intervention by Kenya and other African nations in the power struggle in Somalia two years ago.