As a staunch supporter of the NRA and the second amendment it pains me to say this, but gun owners shot themselves in the foot last week.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a Starbucks fan. I think their coffee tastes like motor oil and they price it like the synthetic product it is. Either way, its too stout for my taste buds, but I admire Starbucks for their clear cut effort to get along with the concealed carry gun culture. Generally speaking they were quite accommodating to those who choose to carry iron right up to where some of us burned our own bridge.

Up to this week Starbucks had been surprisingly “liberal” in their policy toward gun toters. Right up that is, to where a few over-zealous pro-gunners wore out their welcome. They did so by pushing the issue and flaunting their hardware. They even went so far as to stage Starbucks appreciation days, which as it turns out, Starbucks didn’t really appreciate. By forcing the issue my pro-gun brethren stoked a feud where none was required. By making a stand they forced the opposition to do the same and put Starbucks in the middle. As a result, several Starbucks locations experienced tense altercations between the pro and anti gun forces. Fearing that the escalation would continue and possibly lead to a violent episode for which they might be held accountable, Starbucks did what they had to do, what the pro-gunners arguably forced Starbucks to do. They asked them to back off. Now the same overly enthusiastic pro-gunners who forced the issue are crying foul to Starbucks.

With my last breath I will support the right to self defense, the right to bear arms and the right to lawful, concealed carry. But in this case, we suffered a self-inflicted wound. (No pun intended) We had a cooperative friend and we pushed him into a corner from which there was no retreat. Starbucks was about as gun friendly an enterprise as there is until we pushed them into a position of peril. To have responded any less pro-actively might have not only resulted in great damage to Starbucks, but also the gun culture itself.

We have enough of an up-hill to climb with the assault on the right to keep and bear arms without adding to the altitude ourselves. Besides, in my experience, openly carrying just makes you the first target if something goes horribly wrong anyway.