According to Gennifer Flowers, her former lover, Bill Clinton, has told her that Hillary Clinton is Bisexual and having an affair with Anthony Weiner′s wife, Huma Abedin. Flowers reported this during an interview with the UK Daily Mail, promoting her new advice column, Ask Mistress Gennifer. We have heard these rumors for many years. There was the juicy story from the 1990s told by a former Secret Service agent of how he entered a guest bedroom at the White House and found Hillary and a Hollywood actress, Markie Post, in bed together. Maybe they were just having a slumber party, eating s’mores while watching TV? Maybe Huma and Hillary just like to trade lingerie? Or maybe, if Hillary Clinton gets elected, she will be America′s first lesbian president?

Hillary Clinton Bisexual

Who can say if Gennifer Flowers is telling the truth about Hillary Clinton? Flowers admits that Bill Clinton was the great love of her life. Had things worked out differently, like Bill never running for the White House, he may have divorced Hillary and married Gennifer? One thing is certain, if Hillary is a lesbian, she is almost the ugliest lesbian after Don Imus!

Yes, it may be a cheap shot but there it is. Friday is a day for cheap shots. That is why I have made this an Open Thread. There are many issues and topics to comment upon. Democrats in Congress walking out of the Benghazi victims family members, too ashamed of themselves to listen to what these honest Americans have to say. More documents on the IRS scandal show that there was a deliberate effort to obstruct and penalize groups opposed to Barack Hussein Obama. The same contractor company which cleared Edward Snowden for his security clearance also cleared Naval Yard Shooter Arron Alexis. Another company heavily invested in by Diane Feinstein′s husband won a no-bid contract to sell U.S. post offices. The list of lies and corruption in our government goes on and on…

So it is not surprising that I have decided to cling unto this fluff story about Gennifer Flowers telling the UK Daily Mail that Bill Clinton told her that Hillary Clinton is Bisexual and having an affair with Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner′s wife. In the New Normal of the Barack Obama Era, No-Low Information Voters only really care about fluff stories. The ′real world′ is so screwed up by Liberal-Progressive-Socialists that thinking about it is just too much at times. Maybe we can start a write-in campaign to Ask Mistress Gennifer for more details about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian? Or The first lesbian president? How about some beauty tips for Hillary so she is less ugly than Don Imus?