A creepy clown terrorizes the town of Northampton, England. Sounds like something from a Stephen King novel. But the Northampton clown is real, according to the newspaper, the Northampton Circle. A people to people search brings out the clown catcher in all of us. Many folks find clowns disturbing, despite their painted faces. Others consider the face paint as the problem! This reminds me of an episode of the old British TV spy series, The Avengers, where a pair of clowns were on a killing spree.

clown terrorizes town

So do you have coulrophobia, a fear of clowns? If you do you are not alone. An estimated 900 Million Americans suffer from this. I′m joking! There are not 900 Million Americans, unless you start counting illegal aliens. Both the terrestrial and non-terrestrial types. Seinfeld fans will recall how Kramer feared clowns. The delightful Lea Thompson was once imprisoned by killer ′klowns′ from outer space in a large balloon. Then there is Batman′s evil nemesis, The Joker, who appears as a clown.

Thus, there are precedents for fearing clowns. Sure, some are fun and even help with traffic congestion by car pooling 50 or 1000 clowns in a tiny automobile. But not every clown is as nice as say, Red Skelton. Perhaps the most famous real-life killer clown was the infamous John Wayne Gacy. He murdered at least 33 teenage boys during a six-year spree of violence in Chicago back in the 1970s.

The creepy clown that terrorizes the town of Northampton, England should be feared. Who knows what the Northampton Clown is up to? Does Stephen King have a clue? With the Northampton Circle going from people to people searching for a clown catcher capable of stopping this madman, how much longer will folks live in the shadows of their coulrophobia? Is it time for Sherlock Holmes or John Steed to get involved? How about Prince William and Harry? Think about that! The Dynamic Royal Duo duking it out with the Creepy Clown of Northampton. POW! BLAM! SPLAT!