Once again, a rogue shooting spree has prompted the liberals to bring up gun control, but it’s becoming more and more apparent we don’t have a gun control problem, we have a nut control problem.

As the facts emerge from the Naval Yard shooting, it is discovered this liberal democrat obviously had mental health issues, and they were largely ignored. Now, I probably shouldn’t mention that he was a liberal democrat who supported Obama and hated Bush, because in all fairness, he was a nutjob with far worse troubles than being a kool aid drinking lefty. However, I realize that if he had been a Tea Partier who voted for Romney, that’s all we’d be hearing about. Therefore, I will henceforth refer to him as a liberal lefty, Obama-supporting nutjob.

The police in Seattle knew he was a nutjob, the police in D.C. knew he was a nutjob, the military knew he was a nutjob, the VA knew he was a nutjob, his neighbors knew he was a nutjob, his own family knew as well. So the question shouldn’t be, ‘where did he purchase his shotgun?’ (which Joe Biden thinks we should all own), it should be, why wasn’t something done to prevent this liberal wacko nutjob from killing 12 people and injuring countless others?

Part of the problem is political correctness. You see, Mr. Liberal Nutjob happened to be a black man. So when it came to little things like security verifying authenticity of IDs and such, they had to be very lenient, so as to not give the impression his civil rights were being violated. This explains how he was able to use a fake ID to get into a top-level security installation of our US military. Just because he shot holes in the ceiling because he heard voices that weren’t there, doesn’t give us the right to lock him away, according to the liberals and ACLU, so he remained out there in society with everyone else, just as thousands of other nutjobs who are still out there as I write this editorial.

Another part of the problem was Bill Clinton. Back during his presidency, in order to appease the goofy liberal left, he adopted a policy of disarming all our military installations. Making them “gun free zones” so that, the only people who can ever possess a gun on the premises are liberal kook nutjobs, bent on killing people. The idea was, it would make people safer, but the fact that we have so many liberal nutjobs running around, who we can’t even check their IDs without it being a civil rights violation, leads me to believe this policy is not as wise as we once thought.

Yet another aspect is how society deals with mental health problems. Once was a time, liberal kooks like this could have been institutionalized, locked away from society, but other liberal kooks moaned and whined that this was unfair and violated civil liberties. Hollywood released One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and even the ‘moderates’ jumped on the train. It was costing us lots of money to keep these people locked away, so we just threw up our hands and released them. No big deal, right?

Naturally, the focus here has to be, further violating the Bill of Rights, and keeping law-abiding gun owners from having guns. After all, if the law says that no one can own a gun, this liberal kook nutjob would have certainly respected the law, right? I mean, this happened in one of the most gun-restricted places in America, so it’s obvious that it only happened because the rest of America isn’t cooperating. If we all turn in our weapons to the government, and let them get this NSA database thing established, I bet we won’t even need to check IDs at military installations anymore.

Of course, I am being completely sarcastic, and it’s important that I point this out for the sake of the idiot lefties out there, who might actually take me seriously here. We have to set political correctness aside and start focusing on how to identify these monsters and get them off the street before stuff like this happens. We have to reverse this insane “gun ban” course, and allow the most highly-trained weapons users we have, those on our military bases, to carry personal firearms again. We have to drop the PC crap regarding background checks and identification verification, based on whether you are a white male, or some assorted ethnicity/religion, and once again, adopt a uniform standard that applies to every person. But most importantly, we have to stop listening to liberal nutjob kooks who want to continue violating the 2nd Amendment.