The blood of twelve killed victims at the Washington Naval Yard shooting was still warm as the political gun control debate began again. Aaron Alexis, pictured below, is now confirmed as the sole suspect in the shooting at the Naval Yard on Monday. Discharged by the Navy in 2011, Alexis was known to have many mental health issues, including anger and paranoia, along with some reports that he heard voices. He was also known to be obsessed with violent video games and has committed at least two other shooting incidents before Monday. In 2004, Alexis reportedly shot the tires of a neighbor when he lived in Washington State and again in 2010 when he discharged a handgun in his apartment in Fort Worth, Texas, sending the bullet up into the apartment above him. The U.S. Navy did treat him for his mental disorders and despite of this and his past, Alexis still managed to obtain a security clearance, giving him access to the Naval Yards as a subcontractor.

naval yard shooting

I am glad I decided not to write about this event for at least 24 hours. As usual, most of what the Media was reporting as the situation unfolded was wrong. But that did not stop the usual gang of political charlatans from tweeting or speaking out about the need for more, stronger gun control laws. The problem at the Washington Naval Yard was not a lack of gun control but a lack of guns on patrol, as is the case in nearly every mass shooting event. Just like Columbine High School, the Aurora movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Washington Naval Yard was a ′gun free zone′ where citizens, even military personnel, could not carry a firearm. When will we learn this undeniable truth?

So jokers like Dianne Feinstein rail and fume over ′assault rifles′ and lax gun show laws as more blood is spilled by lunatics who should never been allowed access to firearms, or security clearances, in the first place. Even after Sandy Hook, the cause of making mental health an issue for background checks was hardly mentioned by Barack Obama and his gang of henchmen. Nor was the issue of the effects of violent video games really discussed. Of course, the entertainment industry gave Obama a lot of money in 2012, so obviously Obama could not bite the hand that feeds him, especially with raising money for his presidential library in Hawaii now a factor.

Speaking of factors, when will people wake up about Bill O′Reilly? The Leprechaun continues to make a fool of himself every time he says that Obama is a great speaker. Maybe the No-Low Information Voter is amazed by Obama, but those of us with an IQ over 50 know better. Just as we also know better when we hear those Factor Tips of the Day from O′Reilly, like the peach of how parents should be monitoring their children′s on-line activities. How insightful, Bill! I would never have thought of that! Great tip, Bill, it′s right up there with wearing matching socks. O′Reilly and Obama truly show just how terrific that Harvard education is. NOT!

So, in the ensuing days and weeks to come as more details emerge about the Washington Naval Yard shootings and suspect Aaron Alexis, the political gun control debate will also be ramping up. Little was made last week when two Colorado state senators lost their elections due to supporting stricter gun control laws. I am confident that we will also hear and read less and less about Alexis′ mental issues, his obsession with violent video games and how he managed to get a security clearance to work on our nation′s defense computer networks. Maybe he got a reference from Edward Snowden? Who knows? All I can say is, ″God save the foundation!″, because quite frankly, I do not see anyone else caring enough to save it.