Today is the big Elisabeth Haseelbeck TV return as she joins Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on the all-new leather curvy-couch of Fox & Friends. Hasselbeck has joined the Fox News Channel morning team after her ten year stint on ″The View″, replacing former Miss America Gretchen Carlson, who is getting her own show in the afternoon on FNC. The morning was jam-packed with many regulars, including Donald Trump making an in-studio appearance. Another cohost from ″The View″, Sherri Shepherd, also stopped by for a slice of the welcome cake. Even some of the cast of ″Duck Dynasty″, TV′s most popular reality show after ″Hardcore Pawn″, dropped by to give Elisabeth their blessings.

elisabeth hasselbeck tv return

Okay, so its bubblegum and unicorns at FNC these days. What else is new? Fox & Friends is the top-rated morning cable news show, not too difficult a claim since FNC is the most widely watched cable news network. Hasselbeck is a natural fit since she was the lone ′Conservative′ on ″The View″. Many may recall the big dust-up between her and Rosie O′Donnell, resulting in Rosie leaving the show. For Elisabeth, a former cast member of the grand-daddy of reality TV, ″Survivor″, Hasselbeck out-played, out-witted and out-lasted O′Donnell. They did not even need a tribal council to give Rosie the boot as she went voluntarily!

So I wish good times for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her TV return, taking Gretchen Carlson′s place on the curvy-couch. Replacing the former Miss America will not be hard for Elisabeth since she′ll be working with a real pro on Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy. If there is anyone to worry about at the Fox News Channel, it is Brian Kilmeade. Brian even makes small children cry on stage! So be careful around him, Elisabeth.