The History Channel H2 aired a new documentary, Target Earth, this past Friday which was very interesting. The premise of the 2-hour program was to speculate on how space aliens might try to invade and take over our planet? They began by dismissing the typical ′Hollywood′ concept of an armed invasion, such as in films from War of the Worlds and Earth vs the Flying Saucers to more modern versions like Independence Day or Battlefield Los Angeles. Instead, a variety of scientists and other swell-heads ponder more subtle methods, usually based on technology we ourselves already possess today. They even consider the possibility that human beings may welcome an advanced alien race taking over the Earth, seeing what a poor job our current politicians are doing.

target earth

Speaking of which, since the potential for Barack Obama starting a world war seems less remote for the next couple of weeks, I think it is high time for some fun! So that is why I am writing this piece today. The TV show, Target Earth, was very good and worthy of a look-see. First off, you have to consider what sort of extraterrestrials would be traveling about and why they would come here? Are they looking for water, air, food, minerals, women? Why would they want our planet? NASA′s Kepler spacecraft has so far located some 2,000 ′exo-planets′ in the neighborhood. About half of them are close to the size of our Earth. Several are in their star system′s ′green zone′ where a space traveling Goldilocks would find the planet not too hot and not too cold for supporting life.

Would aliens what us around when they come here? Depending how patient they are, the easiest way to exterminate all life is to alter the course of a large asteroid and send it our way. Or if they are in a hurry, some form of biological weapon could be used. Nanotechnology and genetics offer many options in that case. An EMP weapon would knock out our electrical grid and digital infrastructure. Contaminating our water is another option. About half of the world’s population get their freshwater from one source, the Himalayan Mountains. Without fresh water, we would not last very long, a few days at best. A bio-weapon to take out our agriculture would dwindle humanity down very quickly. The chaos of people fighting for water or food would suit an alien invasion well. They could just sit back and mop up what′s left without too much effort.

Would space aliens even need to kill us? Why not turn us into mindless slaves? We already have the technology to electronically control insects and mice. Experiments on control behavior using sound waves and microwaves have also been done successfully. An alien cyber-attack could turn our own machines against us. But what if they, the aliens, offered us a deal? No more war, hunger, disease, suffering, etc., in exchange for our cooperation and obedience? People elected Obama because they thought he was Santa Claus handing out money, food stamps, healthcare, etc. What if we just decided to let the aliens take us over because they, unlike our politicians, can actually fulfill their promises and improve the quality of life? If all they wanted was just some genetic material, some hair and blood samples, would you agree to let them have it in exchange for an easy, carefree life of plenty? Think about that one!

So next time the History Channel H2 airs Target Earth, check it out. The two-hour documentary was very interesting. They did a fine job of showing how aliens from outer space might try to take over our planet. Some of the topics the program touched upon were very current and relevant to our present world situation. Indeed, perhaps the aliens are already here, manipulating our society with turmoil and strife. Who can say?