The Institute for the Study of War, ISW, has announced that they have fired Elizabeth O′Bagy after she allegedly lied on her resume about having a PhD from Georgetown University. Ms. O′Bagy is the Syria expert who has been widely quoted by Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other Obama administration officials and supporters, including the Manchurian Senator from Arizona, John McCain. Who better to spread lies about the make up of Syrian rebel forces than a liar? O′Bagy has been under scrutiny as it was for being a paid consultant for the Syrian Emergency Task Force. While not paid directly by them, she did assist them in matters to secure money and material aid from the United States government. Her op-ed about how the Syrian rebels are made up of about 80% ′moderates′ and only 20% ′extremists′ has been referred to often by those in favor of launching an attack against the Bashar al-Assad regime for his alleged use of chemical weapons.

syria fake phd

So, once again, we have more proof that Obama and the rest of the war mongers have lied to us about what is really going on in Syria. This is followed by other news reports that the United Nations inspection team cannot find any direct evidence linking Assad to using chemical weapons. Their initial finding does not include the alleged August 21 attack, but it does make such allegations more difficult to believe.

As for Ms. O′Bagy, perhaps she should have been advising her pals in the Syrian Emergency Task Force to show some real ambition and just steal the weapons they want from the United States. A report yesterday states that in July of this year, Libyan terrorists raided a facility and stole American made weapons and equipment, leading to the decision by the Obama administration to pull a special forces unit out of the country. What else is new? Here we are one year after the Benghazi terrorist attack and we still have many unanswered questions, such as what was Obama doing during the 8-hour long attack? Playing cards with Reggie Love? Sleeping to be fresh for his big fund raiser in Las Vegas the next day?

We should not be surprised to learn that Barack Obama and his gang of liars were helped by another liar, Elizabeth O′Bagy. While I am happy that the Institute for the Study of War fired her for lying on her resume about having a PhD from Georgetown University, I will be even happier when they issue a complete retraction of everything she has said about the Syrian rebels. Other analysts and experts put the percentage of radical extremists among the Syrian rebels much higher, even at 50% or more. Another indication that we simply have no idea who to truly support in the civil war in Syria against Bashar al-Assad. I will be curious to see if the haughty John Kerry and the lame-brained John McCain continue to refer to the data and analysis of Ms. O′Bagy? I won′t be surprised if they do, because they are liars, too! I am officially declaring this another Obama scandal!