Last night the SyFy Channel aired part one of the Heroes of CosPlay season finale. Our intrepid band of cosplayers were gearing up for the big Comic Con in Kansas City. Even the Queen of CosPlay, Ya Ya Han, pictured below, had decided to enter the costume contest for the first time in four years. Most of the other contenders are involved in CosPlay, not only for their sheer fandom love, but also because they aspire to build careers in the entertainment industry. Some have an upper hand, such as Chloe, who won her event in Kansas City as the character Gaige from Borderlands 2, thanks to the robot built by her father, John Dykstra. He was the special effects guru for George Lucas in the first Star Wars series. So would you spend time and money to dress up, portraying your favorite film or comic book character for cash prizes and a potential dream career?

ya ya han heroes of cosplay
The many faces of the lovely Ya Ya Han, one of the stars of the SyFy Channel series, Heroes of CosPlay.

This is an ′Open Thread′ article. I choose to write a bit about the Heroes of CosPlay, probably because I′m a fan of films and comic books. Or maybe because I like seeing lovely ladies in sexy costumes, too! In last week′s episode, Ya Ya was doing a photo shoot in her Jessica Rabbit costume and fainted because her corset was too tight! Imagine that!!! Her entourage was busy trying to remove her tight corset in order to revive her. Television just does not get any better than that!

But maybe you disagree? Perhaps you wish to discuss other TV series, like ′Breaking Bad′? So feel free to post and discuss whatever floats your boat. Speaking of which, who watched the reality series, Below Deck on Bravo this summer? Here is another example of awesome television! Beautiful women in bikinis hanging out on a 164-foot, $20 million dollar mega-yacht! Also known as a ′White Boat′, which I′m sure will draw some flak from the hyper-racial-sensitive crowd. Too bad for them to be unable to enjoy the finer things in life!

I have been enjoying the first season of Heroes of CosPlay on the SyFy Channel this summer. These folks may seem a bit goofy but their hearts and intentions are all good. Unlike other reality TV shows, like the Plastic Housewives of Wherever, at least there is not ridiculous drama with glasses of wine being flung about.