For some 16 minutes, Barack Obama gave his Syria speech, addressing the American people to explain his desire to attack the Bashar al-Assad regime. Why he decided to go forward with the speech after the Senate decided to postpone a vote to go to war is a good question? Events in the past 48 hours, starting with Secretary of State John Kerry making a goof-gaffe about Syria turning over their chemical weapons, have become more comical than political. Indeed, the politics of the Syria vote were fading fast as even the Senate now appears not to have enough votes to support a U.S. strike against Syria. One poll shows only some 22 senators ready to vote Yes with about 30 committed or ′leaning′ No votes. For much of yesterday, the American news media continued to credit Obama with the Vladimir Putin peace proposal. But after last night′s dismal speech, a good many are now backsliding, realizing that Obama has laid an egg.

obama syria speech

I could barely watch Obama′s speech as it was so full of lies. He is still pushing the notion that there are undeniable proofs that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people on August 21. He also continues to float the new number of Assad killing some 1,400 people, including more than 400 children with the nerve gas known as Sarin. But independent sources, including Doctors Without Borders, put the number of dead at between 400 to 500 and state that there is no direct evidence that a military-grade Sarin gas was used. As I wrote a few days ago, John Kerry′s assertion of there being ′signatures of sarin′ in hair and blood samples are far too vague. One such signature, sodium fluoride, could easily be found in hair and blood samples if one uses toothpaste regularly!

I have detailed other such discrepancies over the past two weeks. We now have new reports from MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, that some Syrian rebel groups not only have chemical weapons but have used them recently in Syria. Intel reports from Germany consisting of communication intercepts show that Assad turned down requests by his military officers to use their chemical weapons. But Obama ignores all of this since it does not fit his pee-brained version of the facts.

Obama claims that he asked Congress to postpone their vote on Syria due to the peace talks which may start tomorrow in Geneva, Switzerland. But, as I mentioned, the cold, hard facts are that Obama did not have the support in neither the House, nor even the Senate, to pass his war powers measure. If he did, then it would have be a decisive ′chip′ Kerry could have used during the peace talks with Russia and Syria. Such would have been that ′Big Stick′ we keep hearing that Obama has. But the truth is that Obama′s foreign policy is talk softly and carry lipstick. Probably to mask the effects of crack cocaine which is known to discolor the lips of users.

Obama′s Syria speech last night was a joke, a very sad joke but a joke none the less. If he was not so irritating, I might have even felt some sympathy towards him. But instead, Obama continued his web of lies on Syria and the Bashar al-Assad regime. Obama never once mentioned how Syrian rebels, including some factions within the Free Syria Army, have attacked Christian communities, burning down churches and executing those who refused to convert to Islam. The funniest moment of Obozo′s speech was when he related letters he received from the American public. I happened to be listening to Michael Savage as he gave running commentary over Obama. When Obama began his ′letter′ phase, Savage quipped, ″Here′s a question in a letter, why did you play golf on Saturday, Obama?″ Yet another sign of the half-assed, half-baked, half-man nature of the Barack Obama administration. ″God save the Foundation!″