If the 2012 election were a do-over this year, Mitt Romney would be elected President of the United States over Barack Obama. Such is the fickle nature of American politics that when the commercials and brand packaging are over, the voters revert back to issues that matter most.

For the first time in 23 years Norway will have a president from the right. Erna Solberg is the dynamic female winner of the national elections, defeating stale old boy Jens Stoltenberg from the Labor Party. The incumbent’s tactics of fear-mongering and further socialist policies began to tire the public.

Sound familiar? Solberg won by offering a bold business vision, something that earned her the nickname “Iron Erna” in a tribute to Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain who is the most influential female politician the world has ever seen.

After running a similarly stale campaign of negative advertising, the Labor Party in Australia also lost big last week. Stifling business rules and new wealth redistribution policies were soundly rejected by the public, who ousted leftist Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in favor of opposition leader Tony Abbott. Abbot promptly declared Australia “open for business once again.”

Obama would face a similar defeat in a parliamentary system in which votes of no-confidence prompt special elections. Congress has deserted him on the key issues of today, immigration and Syria, and the public is in a sour mood collectively.

Obama’s approval rating stands at 40%, the lowest of his presidency as the public polling defines him as inexperienced and indecisive in office. Fully half of the public believe America is less respected in the world than we were five years ago, and 60% believe they are personally less well off than they were five years ago.

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