Vladimir Putin has done it again! He completely has out-foxed Barack Obama with Russia making a proposal for Syria to turn over their chemical weapons. This latest news on Syria happened after Secretary of State John Kerry answered a reporter′s question in London yesterday. When asked if there was anything Bashar al-Assad could do to avoid a U.S. attack on Syria, Kerry replied that war could be avoided if the Assad regime turned over their chemical weapons in the next seven days. Obviously, that is not going to happen, but the genie was out of the bottle. Shortly after, Russia offered to broker such a deal between the US and Syria, to take control of their weapons and the UN was ready to encourage a diplomatic solution. Obama had his political legs cut from under him as Harry Reid postponed a vote in the U.S. Senate to authorize Obama to attack Syria. Oops!

obama russia proposal syria

So Rootin′-Tootin′-Putin does it again! First he embarrasses Obama by granting NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum in Russia. Then he foiled Obama′s attempt to get the G-20 nations to agree on attacking Syria. Now, Putin is in the driver′s seat for a peaceful resolution to the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack. When will the Noble Peace Prize committee award Vlad for his efforts?

We are way past Gilbert and Sullivan on this one, folks. Putin has made the Obama administration look like the Three Stooges. Even that might be a stretch! More like some bad amateur at an open-mike night at a cockroach infested comedy club that serves warm, stale beer and has no premium spirits on their shelves. I swear, even the combined efforts of Jon Taffer, Gordon Ramsay, Willie Degel and Anthony Melchiorri could not rescue America from our White House Nightmare!

So Obama went on all six evening news shows yesterday and basically said the same thing to each interviewer. He welcomes the proposal from Russia, in fact, he tried to take credit for it claiming he talked with Putin about this very idea a year ago! But Obama still wants the option to attack Syria anyway. Even though his buddy, John Kerry, said that such an attack would be, ″unbelievably small.″ Oookay! So why bother doing it in the first place? If the attack is going to be that small, how could it serve any useful purpose? This just keeps getting nuttier by the day, if not by the hour!

We shall see what Barack Obama will have to say about all of this tonight when he addresses the nation. Will he continue to embrace the Russia proposal for Syria to turn over their chemical weapons? Will Obama again try to steal the spotlight from our new world leader, Vladimir Putin? Should Obama use tonight′s speech to apologize to Putin for calling him a jackass at the G-20 meeting? Putin′s response to that was he is not worried about fight a skinny wimp since he wrestles bears for fun. If I were Obama, I would start by sending Secretary of State John Kerry on a fact-finding trip to Diego Garcia or maybe Little America. Someplace far away where there are few reporters to record him. I can only imagine the laughs Putin shared with Bashar al-Assad yesterday after the new diplomatic solution was proposed. I′ll bet they were enjoying premium spirits at the time, too!