If you want a good conspiracy theory on Syria and Barack Obama, you do not have to look very hard. There are plenty of Syrian conspiracy theories on Obama on the Internet. Everything ranging from who actually used a chemical weapon in an attack, if any were used at all, to the ′real reason′ why Obama wants to remove the Bashar al-Assad regime. Some may sound a bit kooky, such as Obama wanting to install the Muslim Brotherhood in power, or even a faction of Al Qaeda. Others point to Obama wanting to arm the rebels as being the real reason for the assault on our compound in Benghazi, Libya a year ago. That the CIA was engaged in running arms, including portable anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian rebels through Turkey. But most of the conspiracy theories about Syria are coming from Obama and the White House.

conspiracy theory syria

The many lies of Obama were the main topic of my appearance last night on the Internet radio program, The Truth It Out There/We The People. The last two times I was a guest, I gave you folks advanced notice here and unfortunately each time was plagued by technical issues. During my first time, which was just after the NSA scandal was news, the show′s hosts were having problems with their computer system. Last time, I had phone problems. My cordless land-line phone went dead just as I called into. I then used my cell phone which was cut off twice during my appearance. After the show, the SMS card for my cell phone was completely wiped clean, rendering the phone useless and I lost all the phone numbers stored on both phones. So how odd is it that on my third appearance, where I gave no advanced notice, that everything went fine? Am I that dangerous to the Obama administration that the NSA is keeping a close watch on me?

From the very beginning I have not believed a single word from Obama about the alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria. Why is simple. Obama has lied to us about everything else, so why should we believe him now? Obama has lied to us about the economy, about his healthcare scheme, global warming, the war in Libya, the Benghazi attack, the IRS and NSA scandals, etc. There is no compelling reason for us to believe Obama about anything.

The real conspiracy theory on Syria is the conspiracy of silence from Obama′s Far-Left supporters who are remaining quiet about any pending military attack. One brave fellow, Ed Asner, has spoken out on this. Asner is consistent with his disdain for America using military force and admitted that while many of his ilk are opposed to any action in Syria, they are remaining silent because of the fear of being called a racist for not supporting Obama.

Last Friday, I drew the analogy of Obama being a bad bar manager in showing how the economy is in terrible shape with a Labor Force Participation Rate of just 63.2%, the lowest in 35 years. I compared this to a keg of warm beer where, due to the effect of temperature on the carbon dioxide within the keg, less than 70% of the beer can be utilized. On Syria, I draw another bar science analogy. Obama, America′s first Black bartender, is serving us citizens with cheap booze poured from bottles of premium spirits brands. Instead of getting the Crown Royal Reserve we paid for, Obama is serving us Canadian LTD whiskey instead. America wants premium spirits, just as we want ice cold beer. Like the truth, there are no substitutes for premium spirits!

So, yes, there are conspiracy theories about Syria and they are mostly coming from Barack Obama and his henchmen in the White House. Eveything Obama says about Syria is a conspiracy theory of his own design. Being a total fool, Obama cannot even get that right, such as when he changed his tone last week claiming that he never drew a ′Red Line′ for the Bashar al-Assad regime. The Truth is out there and we will never find it anywhere near Obama.