General Mills has announced a limited Pillsbury recall of cinnamon roll with icing tubes. The effected product is being pulled from grocery store shelves due to the possibility that some may contain a broken piece of plastic. Other Pillsbury dough products are not effected, including their line of Flaky Cinnamon Rolls and Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls. Only the 8-count tubes of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with Icing with the ″Better if Used Date″ of 30OCT2013 and 31OCT2013, as well as the twin pack with the dates of 18OCT2013, 26OCT2013 and 31OCT2013, are part of the recall. This may be the largest action taken since the Pillsbury recall of Cookie Dough products back in the late 1990s. Those who have purchased the recalled products are urged to contact General Mills for a replacement, or may ask questions by calling the toll free number of 1-800-775-4777.

pillsbury recall cinnamon rolls

As one who enjoys baking and has made cinnamon rolls from scratch, I am sympathetic. I love the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with icing and hope that the recall does not lead to any problems. Especially as we head into the Autumn time of year, nothing brightens up a cold, dreary morning more so than a nice, warm cinnamon roll. With raisins is even better! Ah, yes! A tasty morning treat, perfect with a nice mug of hot cocoa or some fresh apple cider. YUMMO!

So do not be taken aback by the Pillsbury recall of cinnamon rolls with icing. General Mills is on top of the situation and ready to replace the product if you have any in your fridge. The odds of getting one from your grocery store that have a broken piece of plastic are very remote. But better safe than sorry and General Mills is ready to satisfy you by calling the toll free number provided. So check those best-used-by-dates and have a happy weekend.