Did Obama set a Red Line concerning chemical weapons use in the Syria Civil War? Barack Obama′s Red Line statements have been made several times by him over the past year. But yesterday while making a stop in Sweden before joining the G-20 Summit in St. Petersbug, Russia, Obama now claims he never set a Red Line. That the world community did in 1992 when an international treaty was signed by most nations. Syria did not sign the treaty, much as we never signed the landmine treaty in 1997. Obama went on to babble about how his credibility is not at stake as Obama seeks approval from Congress on Syria. He claims that it′s the credibility of America, as well as that of Congress, which are at stake. So did Obama turn Air Force One into a flying ′Choom Wagon′ went he left the United States for his overseas trip? I′m surprised Obama didn′t blame George Bush and Rush Limbaugh for forcing America to take action against Syria!

obama syria no red line

There seems little doubt that the U.S. Senate will vote on Syria and pass a resolution giving Obama authority to launch an attack. Even despite John McCain playing poker on his smart phone during the Senate hearings on Tuesday. This is what passes for a serious national debate in the Age of Obama, the New Normal. Meanwhile, the most serious man in the world, Russia′s president Vladimir Putin is again warning the US against attacking Syria without UN approval. Not only does Putin want more evidence to justify an attack but is now warning that such a strike may cause the release of nuclear material as well as chemical weapons. United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon is siding with Putin by saying that any attack by the United States against Syria without UN approval would be a criminal act.

Obama, not satisfied with just violating the U.S. Constitution and happy with committing high crimes and misdemeanors, is now poised to take his criminality to international status. This week, several nations, such as Mexico and Brazil, are already charging Obama with violating international laws from the NSA spying program. The arrogance and lawlessness of the Obama administration is continuing to increase. More and more evidence is mounting tying the Benghazi consulate attack to Obama running weapons illegally into Syria is steadily leaking out its way into the public′s eye.

So is it any wonder that we are seeing complete delusional behavior from Barack Obama as he talks about Syria and claims he never drew a Red Line? Or that his own personal credibility is not in question? Obama is out to lunch! The guy is bonkers for even suggesting that he never drew a Red Line when he has made several statements to that effect over the past year. Who can possibly believe anything Obama says anymore? Or defend what he says and does? Oh my friends, how I fear for The Republic! John McCain is another bozo who needs to retire. What we will get next time? Hillary Clinton or Krispy Kreme Christie? After that Marco Rubio? He′ll be followed by Chelsea Clinton or Biff Romney or Pep Romney or maybe even George Bush III. My God, we′re so doomed!