While Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Army Chief of Staff Jack Dempsey appeared before the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, more indications have surfaced casting doubt on whether Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Syria. The most damning is an article from renowned scholar Yossef Bodansky, published by Defense and Foreign Affairs and by Oilprices.com.. Bodansky is well know in military and foreign policy circles and considered an expert on terrorism. His article ties a meeting in Turkey between several factions of Syrian rebels with intelligence officials from the United States and other countries just one week prior to the August 21 ′event′ in Syria. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare Syrian rebels from what was described as a, ″war-changing development″ which, Bodansky writes, ″lead to a US-led bombing of Syria.″ Other reports have also surfaced that support the conclusion that Syrian rebels were preparing to exploit the opportunity of a US attack against the Assad regime.

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For the better part of the past week or so, I have felt like the lone voice from the wilderness. Some of you regulars have accused me of wearing the old tin-foil ′conspiracy′ cap when I air my doubts about the alleged chemical weapons attack. So imagine how happy I became when Rush Limbaugh shared with his audience yesterday the article by Yossef Bodansky from the website, globalresearch.ca which reposted it. Despite the rhetoric coming from the Obama administration, there is no conclusive evidence as of yet that a chemical weapons attack even took place!

I won′t go into all of the details, you can read the article yourself at the link I provided. How convenient it was that this meeting was held just one week before the alleged attack? As Cosmo Kramer would say, ″It′s a Festivus Miracle!″ So we have the military leaders of the Free Syrian Army, along with other ′friendly′ factions meeting with folks from Turkey, Qatar and the United States to discuss coordinating an attack after the US leads a bombing campaign against Assad after some mysterious ′war-changing development.′ Bodansky also describes some of the material support that we are giving the Syrian rebels, including some 20 trucks loaded with about 400 tons of weaponry and supplies that arrived in Syria on August 24 and 25.

Bodansky also sheds more light on the alleged attack itself, including how the organization, Doctors Without Borders treated the alleged victims of the alleged chemical attack. They concluded that there is no conclusive evidence that military-grade Sarin or VX gas was used. They treated some 3,600 patients and found no direct evidence of Sarin being the cause of any of the injuries or deaths. That what signs of chemical contamination which were found could be the result of exposure to riot control gases, pesticides or a ′kitchen-grade′ Sarin gas known to be used by various jihadist groups. The main reason for this was the presence of a powerful odor which one would not smell from military-grade Sarin stockpiled by the Assad regime.

Then he relates the story of how one Syrian man went to Beirut, Lebanon after being paid a large sum of money to claim that he was a victim of a chemical weapons attack. Of how the White House leaked the story to the world media that, ″the Lebanese Red Cross announced that test results found traces of Sarin gas in his blood.″ The patient took the money and ran, leaving the hospital before any tests for toxins could even be performed! We also have a report that Syrian commandos captured an underground rebel facility and found the materials needed to make ′kitchen-Sarin′ in the tunnels. On the same day, August 24, Syrian rebels launched an attack on Assad′s troops near Damascus, and some of them were contaminated by ′kitchen-Sarin′ gas.

The bottom line in the article by Yossef Sodansky is that A) the alleged chemical weapons attack may not have been by Bashar al-Assad, B) the Syrian rebels met with US officials a week before the alleged attack, C) the rebels had advanced knowledge that the US may launch a bombing campaign against Assad, and D) the whole story may have been fabricated as ′Victim Number One′ was apparently paid to be a victim and has since disappeared with his cash. So there it is, folks. More signs that Barack Obama is probably lying to us about this whole Syria thing. Perhaps the most interesting fact from Bodansky′s article is that there were officials from Qatar also at this meeting in Turkey. This may link another report that the whole purpose of Obama wanting to take out Assad is related to stopping the construction of a natural gas pipeline through Syria from Iran which would be in direct competition with another such pipeline being built by Qatar. Money talks, and George Soros rides, not walks!