In an unprecedented move, Barack Hussein Obama lobbies personally for a Syria vote from Congress as the Senate prepares to begin hearings today. Obama is actually picking up the telephone and talking with key Congressional leaders seeking support in securing their approval of military strikes against Syria. Yesterday, Obama met with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham at the White House to discuss his latest ambitions for the Middle East. Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry are also engaged in chatting with their old pals on Capitol Hill. Obama wants to attack Syria even without a resolution from the United Nations Security Council.

obama lobbies Syria

Wow! Obama actually doing work! There′s a news item! Stop the presses! Obama is lifting his mighty fingers to dial a phone number. Even I′ll admit to being amazed by this newly found sense or urgency and commitment. The next thing you′ll know is that Obama might put in more than 5 hours a day on the job! Maybe he′ll get started in the Oval Office before 10am and work past 3pm. His pick-up basketball games and cocktail hour might suffer a bit. Who knows? Maybe Obama might even decide to cancel the next music festival at the White House? Such dedication!

Yes, I′m being sarcastic. The buffoonery we′re seeing from the Obama administration over Syria makes me shake my head and sigh. The America I once knew and loved has been in a coma for the last few years. Maybe the last few decades, really. Our present leadership, both Democrats and Republicans, actually believe that cratering a few runways which can be repaired with a few dump trucks worth of gravel is going to make some sort of difference to Bashar al-Assad. Every time I think that Obama, McCain and the rest of the dummies in Washington have hit a new low of stupidity, they come up with something even dumber to hang their hats on!

I suppose it is a good thing that Barack Obama lobbies personally for a Syria vote from Congress. At least this keeps Obama, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry from chasing skirts or pants or whatever they chase when they feel like chasing. Plus, we have the added bonus of the White House being distracted by the Middle East instead of making the economy worse. Maybe the United Nations could pass a resolution to force Obama to work with Congress to pass a budget raise that old debt ceiling some more? The nation will be out on money in a few weeks so this is the perfect time to start another war. .Billions for Syria but not one penny for White House tours!