Obviously you have noticed that Obama never makes a decision. The President of the United States needs to be the biggest decision-maker in the world, but this one’s training as a community organizer only allows him to stir up trouble, conflict and derision. If he does decide on something he shuffles it off to congress so they are the ones responsible if the decision was a bad one. The President never acts quickly; Obama is like Nero, strumming while Rome burned…BHO plays golf while America suffers. And congress seems to be a bedfellow of the man.

“It’s No Privilege It’s a right,” she said and so say many students who attended the MLK 50th Anniversary March on Washington. The “Gimme’ Generation” think everything is a right! Some of their other comments were also amusing – well they would’ve been – had they not been so disturbing.

The reason for my saying that is because there are so many with warped views of what a “right” (entitlement or freedom in this use) is and what is a privilege (to grant somebody special rights or freedoms) they don’t seem to know the difference. And so, they also have a distorted view of what a presidency should be and how a president should act. Many honestly believe this is how a country is to be run (down).

Tiny giveaways (they don’t realize are being paid in return for their freedom) the regime offers seems so nice to many have not’s. However, the giveaways will end and then the have-not’s will possess less than previously, i.e. freedom. Those many student’s admit that a, “Job” is a right and not just a privilege. One student went on to say, “Everyone has the right to a job,” and yet another said. “I don’t care if you’re college, high school, you dropped out, or whatever,” to them it is a right and not something you need to put effort into.

One person even stated that free condoms and clean syringes are constitutional rights. Apparently universities are not teaching what the Constitution is really about. Instead they teach what Barack Hussein Obama is about and as my neighbor’s boy told me…”Barack is cool man!”

And so we will go down in history as the greatest and strongest country ever, but also as the most deplorable and weakest nation ever.