Secretary of State John Kerry did all five Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, just like our old pal, Susan Rice did after Benghazi. This time, Kerry spoke of hair and blood samples showing ′signatures of Sarin gas′ obtained in Syria. So the Barack Obama administration is continuing to push its allegations of a possible chemical weapon attack in Syria committed by Bashar al-Assad against his own people. One attack recently which allegedly killed some 1,400 civilians including over 400 children. Kerry offered no details on these samples or what the ′signatures′ were. However, it should be noted that the chemical make up of Sarin involves compounds that can be found in other, conventional products, ranging from insecticides, cleaning products, and even toothpaste.

kerry samples sarin

That′s right, Mandrake, children′s toothpaste! So is John Kerry just another cog in the International Plot? Is he just blowing smoke up our shorts? Do you believe John Kerry any more than you believe Barack Obama? Call me Ishmael but I smell a big rat here and it keeps getting stinkier and smellier by the day!

Let us consider for one brief moment that Assad is indeed the horrific monster that Obama and his minions are attempting to paint him as. Why stop with just one gas attack? Over the past 2 years and some 100,000 dead Syrians, Obama would have us believe that Assad has used Sarin gas about three times, killing maybe a total of 2,000 people. Syria allegedly has one of the largest stockpiles of Sarin, VX and other deadly chemical weapons on the Earth. So why hasn′t he used them more liberally? One would think that if using them were so effective that he could have defeated the rebels ages ago gassing his opponents by the truck-load?

A few well chosen targets could have been wiped clean of rebels by Assad if he really wanted to finish them off. Saddam Hussein had no such inhibitions when he had a flight of aircraft bomb the town of Halabja in 1988, killing about 5,000 people and injuring another 10,000. Victims dropped dead in their tracks. Saddam had also used chemical weapons during combat operations against the Iranians, killing and wounding tens of thousands of Iranian soldiers. It was pretty much straight out of World War One trench warfare tactics.

I have my doubts about Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons against the rebels. Conventional weapons are deadly enough to do the job. I can see using CS or other forms of tear gas in a limited, tactical role. But using Sarin, VX or other more serious nerve agents is unlikely as it would require Assad′s own troops to wear protective gear and to clean contaminated buildings and streets. Nerve agents like Sarin would linger for a long time, months, if not years after their use.

So when Secretary of State John Kerry says we have hair and blood samples which have ′signatures of Sarin′ gas from Syria, I must ask what precisely are these signatures? What chemicals were found in the hair and blood samples? Are they compounds that one can easily find in commercially made insecticides, or cleaning and personal care products? Does Kerry know that samples of Sarin can be found in hair sprays, shampoos and toothpaste? My mistrust of the Barack Obama administration at this point is of a very high order, so naturally I am skeptical. Yesterday I watched a report on CNN of a reporter who was in Allepo with a group of rebel fighters. They showed them making a fertilizer bomb which they were going to pack a school bus with and handcuff a captured pro-Assad soldier to, forcing him to drive it to a target. Who knows what chemicals they were fooling around with as they mixed their bomb together? The civil war in Syria is too confusing, too blurry for anyone to take any side.