The latest news on Syria came yesterday as Barack Obama announced he would wait for Congress to vote on the Syria crisis. Before heading out for an afternoon of golf with Joe Biden, Obama said his Syria plans have not changed, he still intends for the US to war with Syria. But with Congress not returning from vacation until September 9, Obama said that he will not attack Syria for a while, perhaps even a month or more. Our only willing partner is France on Syria, but they will not commit themselves until the United Nations report is completed, which could take two weeks or longer. The British Parliament has already voted against involving themselves, so Australia will most likely follow suit. Has Obama blinked, giving Bashar al-Assad a victory? Is the world laughing at us now?

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Yesterday I had promised not to write about Obama or Syria until after Labor Day. But like Michael Corleone in ′The Godfather, Part III′, I keep getting dragged back in because of the utter incompetence of Obama and his administration. On the one hand, I′m glad that Obama has decided to wait for Congress to vote. Unlike what Obama himself, and dummies like Rep. Peter King (R-NY) think, the War Powers Act only permits the president to launch military attacks in the event of ″an imminent threat.″ This clause is from the ′Bad Old Days′ of the Cold War, when Soviet missile submarines could shower the East Coast of the United States, including Washington DC, with nuclear weapons in 8 minutes or less. The president would not have time to confer with Congress as he, or she, would be too busy fleeing the White House as he, or she, ordered a retaliatory nuclear strike.

Clearly, Syria does not pose an imminent threat on the United States. Whether they even pose a threat to our ′national interests′, such as our allies, while distracted by a civil war is questionable. Add to this the apparent fact that over the last few days, as more details are leaked to the press about what a U.S. attack on Syria may comprise of, Assad has been busy moving his Scud missiles and other assets to safer places. Just launching a hundred million dollars worth of cruise missiles to crater some runways which could be repaired in a day or two seems hardly enough to punish the alleged monster, Assad, for allegedly using chemical weapons against his own people.

Under the boob Obama, our foreign policy has become a total joke. Vladimir Putin must be laughing himself silly over each blunder Obama makes. Obama continues to shred any credibility we have left on the world stage. He cannot even come up with his own material, stealing the ′red line′ concept from Benji Netanyahu. What are we paying for Obama′s brain trust of advisers for? Why are we paying Obama and them any attention at all? I′m not for us getting involved in Syria, but this is just plain stupid! Obama is such a narcissist, in love with his own voice, that he feels compelled to talk about everything. So now, O-Bozo has trapped himself in his own words, and us along with him.

So the latest news of the crisis in Syria is not good as Barack Obama blinks on yet another major foreign policy blunder. By waiting for Congress to vote on Syria, we have lost any military advantage that may have resulted from an intervention in Syria. Bashar al-Assad has begun hiding his Scud missile and other assets. Some reports indicate that even his stockpiles of chemical weapons have been relocated. Probably back to Iraq where they came from when Saddam Hussein was hiding them from George W. Bush! History comes full circle. Barack Obama is the first world leader who has succeeded in combining both the Munich Appeasement and the Bombing of Dresden all in one action! Perhaps this legacy will justify his winning of the Noble Peace Prize for Stupidity?