Chum is dead! Chum, the nickname for the large African Serval cat roaming Detroit was shot and left in the trash. The big cat in Detroit is killed and the streets are that much safer now. Chum has been identified as a 25-pound Savannah hybrid cat. Monday evening, the poor kitty met its fate in the northeast Detroit neighborhood south of 8 Mile Road near the streets of Joann and Bringard. The three-year cat was most likely someoneā€²s exotic pet before it began its life roaming the streets of Detroit. Members of an animal rescue group, Paws for the Cause, are disappointed that the cat was shot to death and then unceremoniously left in a trash bin. I suppose they wanted to erect a monument for it.

big cat in detroit killed

There are always stories about exotic pets and the trouble they cause when they get loose. A recent story from Canada concerning two small boys, 6 and 4 years old, were killed by a 14-foot python is one. Police in Ontario later found some 40 pythons left in a motel room. In 2011, much was made of a private zoo in Ohio where many exotic and dangerous animals were being kept. Many escaped when the owner committed suicide, sending the entire community of Zanesville into a panic as tigers, lions and other creatures roamed their streets. More and more cities and states are passing tougher laws to restrict ownership of such animals.

So the big cat in Detroit has been killed. Now the city just has to worry about the 50,000 stray dogs roaming about. Many of which are large pitbulls and other potentially dangerous types. Gone are the days when the cute little stray mutt was all what one saw. Now, we faced an African Serval cat in Detroit, along with two-legged fiends and a city government gone into bankruptcy. Chum the Savannah-Serval hybrid cat is dead, but the saga of Detroit continues.