The big talk of the day today will be the obscene exposition performed by Miley Cyrus, 20, and Robin Thicke, 36, at last night′s MTV Music Video Awards show for 2013. Cyrus began her song, ′We Can′t Stop′ dressed in a teddy bear unitard. Twerking about and sticking out her tongue, Cyrus did get bleeped by MTV when she sang the line, ″Dancing with Molly″, a reference to the drug MDMA or Ecstasy. Then she stripped down to nude-colored underwear and began bumping and grinding with Robin Thicke as they sang one of his songs, ′Blurred Lines.′ Will Miley Cyrus drive Robin Thicke to disappear on a crack binge as Lamar Odom did thanks to Khloe Kardashian? Or is Miley looking to score dates with NSA snoopers looking for love on the Internet with NSA pick up lines? One thing is certain, Barack Obama did well yesterday spending five hours on the golf course.

miley cyrus alan thicke vma awards 2013

I will admit that I did not watch the MTV VMA Awards show for 2013. After all, I am an old, white man who is not a Progressive-Liberal-Marxist. Nope, I was switching back and forth between the Clark Gable marathon on TCM and another new episode of ′Bar Rescue′ with the King of Bar Science, Jon Taffer. It was actually a pretty emotion-packed episode, as Jon saved a family bar still haunted by the suicide of a cousin who had run the bar′s kitchen. Gotta to hand it to Big Jon as he worked another miracle!

Yes, sure, there are plenty of serious issues facing our nation. Obama seems ready to get us entangled in the civil war in Syria. Things in Egypt are still not great. Greece may need another bailout. Here in the USA, the NSA has been using its spying technology to check out dating websites to get the low-down on potential love interests. Twitter was all a-ga-ga as folks tweeted their favorite NSA pick-up lines, like, ′I′d ask for your phone number but I already have it! #NSApickuplines .″ Even Donald Trump is back in the news as the NY Attorney General is suing Trump University for alleged fraud just a day or so after the AG met with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Coincidence or conspiracy?

But for you Low Information Voters, nothing sums up the state of American culture more than the twerk and grind show between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at last night′s MTV Music Video Awards show for 2013. Even Will Smith and his family seemed shocked by the spectacle of the 20 year-old Cyrus faking sex on stage with 36-year old Robin Thicke as they sat in the audience at the VMA Awards. What next? Shooting heroin live on TV? Is it Pillar of Salt time yet? Bread and Circuses, folks! Bread and Circuses!