Bad enough that the City of Detroit is facing bankruptcy, now the community is being terrorized by a big cat. There has been a recent surge of big cat sightings in the Detroit area, mostly on the northeast side of town. The picture below was snapped by Nathan McGuire, 47, and appears to be an ocelot or some other large cat with leopard or jaguar traits. Paul Hartley, 14, claims to have seen the cat which showed no fear and stared at him when interviewed by the Detroit Free Press. Even 6-foot, 5-inch tall Antwaun Asberry got the willy′s when he saw the cat, which he claimed had a tail longer than his arm. Nancy Gunnigle of the Michigan Humane Society announced on Friday that they will be investigating the big cat sightings, and warned that catching such large cats is difficult. One such sighting was in the neighborhood of 13 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue, not all that far from your humble author. The area south of 8 Mile and Van Dyke has had a drop in the number of stray dogs recently. Has the cat been busy? And Liberals wonder why I want high-capacity magazines for my semi-automatic rifle! Bad enough I have to worry about wild animals with two-legs. Now I have to contend with the four-legged variety as well.

big cat detroit

So it is Sunday and I have posted an ′Open Thread′ article today. I chose to share with you all about the latest wave of big cat sightings in Detroit, Michigan. What the heck, I believe I have done a decent job this week of trashing Barack Hussein Obama and his incompetence and ridiculous policies. So it is fitting to have one day of fun. What can be more fun than a crazy cat story? We all enjoy crazy cat videos. That′s all some people use the Internet for. To watch crazy cats on You-Tube all day long. But this is an open thread so if there is some burning issue that has been gnawing away at your soul, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

Meanwhile, what do you think about big cat sightings in Detroit? Have you ever seen a large cat in your area? Does some dopey neighbor near you own exotic animals that escape and terrorize your community? Has Detroit descended into the lower reaches of Hell due to its′ financial chaos and bankruptcy? Will lions and tigers in Detroit soon mean something far more dangerous than the names of sports teams? Curious times we live in!