Here are the winners from two weeks ago. Last week’s winners will be announced tomorrow.

Here is President Barack Obama with the Miami Dolphins 1972 undefeated team. A reunion took place at the White House for the team which never visited after their historic season because, as legend has it, Richard Nixon was a huge Redskins fans. The Dolphins defeated the Redskins in the Superbowl that year. On the right is coach Don Shula and behind him is Larry Csonka. Quarterback Bob Griese is on the left and behind him and Obama is wide-receiver Paul Warfield. By the way, several Dolphins boycotted the event because they believe the president is incompetent.

Caption this photo!

Update: Winners are below the fold!


1st Place!
Wyatt Earp
“No, Mr. President, the 72 is for the year we went undefeated, not the virgins you’ll receive after destroying our country.”
2nd Place!
Tired American
Shula, “On the count of three, let’s tackle this communist!”
3rd Place!
Chris in N.Va.
“Number of states of denial Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac has visited…(and growing)”


It’s Friday which means it is time again for the weekly photo contest. Come up with a funny description of this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced sometime next week!

1. Shut up! If you are reading the rules for a contest of this nature, you need to get a drink and come back in a better mood.
2. You can enter as many times as you like, in fact it is encouraged.
3. A first, second and third place winner will be declared.
4. Winner will receive the rare and highly-coveted Right Punditeer award, which has not been given away on these pages since last week.
5. Second and third will receive a smaller version, appropriately scaled to their achievement.
6. Contest is over Monday 6pm PT.