Hurray for the National Geographic Channel as they aired the Doomsday Preppers season three premier last night! Finally some television that I can sink my teeth into! NatGeoTV also premiered the first episode of the new spin-off series, Doomsday Castle, featuring a family we met in Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers. In the Season 3 premier, we meet three new preppers. One is teaming up with a group of two dozens other preppers calling themselves, The Colony. Another guy is taking his family underground in case of an asteroid impact while another woman is trying to organize a non-violent, Christian group to survive a mega-earthquake in California.

doomsday castle
National Geographic premiered both Season 3 of Doomsday Preppers plus the new series, Doomsday Castle, last night. Image Credit: National Geographic.

First from Doomsday Preppers is Jeff in Florida. He owns a 25-acre ranch where he raises exotic animals, like parrots and emus, for a living. Jeff is afraid of an economic collapse and has teamed up with a group of like-minded folks. Two other preppers live full-time on the ranch, John and Bill. Jeff is the money-man, John is an outdoor survival expert while Bill is in charge of security and weapons training. The ranch has enough structures, mostly cargo containers, to accommodate 25 people. All were ′selected′ to join The Colony based on a variety of skill sets. One concern with Jeff is who will lead The Colony after his death? Jeff′s son, Colten, is recruited and trained to be the new leader. He proves his abilities when he settles a dispute between John and Bill over the construction of gallows for hanging law breakers. The Colony scores a whopping 89, giving them at least 19 months of survival.

Then we have Tony in Indiana, who has been dreaming for years about the Earth being struck by an asteroid. After talking with an astrophysicist, Tony decided to move his family underground. A large hole was dug where he parked a RV, with plenty of extra room for storage and such. To help with the air quality and supply, Tony has set up an indoor garden in his bunker, as well as a special, homemade air filtration system. The panel of experts only score him with a 60, giving him 8 months.

The last new prepper is Cheree, who runs a Christian retreat camp in California. She and her family are preparing for a mega-earthquake and believe they can help 50 people when the Big One happens. Cheree preaches non-violence during a weekend test with a group of prepper friends. They set up a solar array for electricity and improve their water system. But on the first night, one friend, Garry, tries to argue for the group carrying firearms. He brought his handgun, which makes Cheree uncomfortable. The group votes Garry out, preferring to leave their fate in the Hand of the Lord. The experts score them a 58, giving them just 8 months of survival.

On Doomsday Castle, we revisit Brent, Sr, who we last saw in Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers. He has been building a doomsday fortress since 1999 in the Carolina mountains. With one son, Brent II, from his first marriage and another son and three daughters from his second marriage, the family works together to finish the castle. As the first episode begins, the kids arrive and are treated to a mock assault by survivalist pals of their father. All of the children, ranging from 42 to 20, are quickly captured and tied up. Ashley is furious at her dad for the stunt.

The family then divides up to work on the castle. The old man and youngest son, Michael, 20, work on building a drawbridge for the main entrance. Brent II, 42 and Dawn-Marie, 20, work on fortifying the bunker inside the castle while Ashley, 24 and Lindsey, 22, clean the place out to set up living quarters. The kids are very competitive amongst themselves, each trying to prove to their dad and other siblings that they are superior. Needless to say, there is a good deal of drama and tension. The climax of the show was when Brent II took it upon himself to test the strength of the drawbridge by ramming it with tractor outfitted with two good-sized tree logs. The main door survived.

So the National Geographic Channel aired the Doomsday Preppers Season 3 premier last night, along with the first episode of the new series, Doomsday Castle. I′m happy, though it does complicate my TV viewing, as they come on the same time as Hardcore Pawn, The Profit, as well as Jeff Lewis Interior Therapy. So I had to stay on NatGeoTV so the DVR could record two shows at once during those hours. Thank goodness TCM was running a Mickey Rooney marathon so I could ignore them for the night.