Are you smarter than an 8th grader? How about one from 1912? Odds are you′re not! A copy of a 1912 Eighth Grade Exam from the Bullitt County Schools in Kentucky was recently discovered. A volunteer from the local museum in Bullitt County, David Lee Strange, told ABC News that the common exam is an interesting look at American society before World War One. The questions from the test cover arithmetic, English grammar and spelling, as well as science and geography. Surveys using the questions from 1912 have shown that we of the 21st Century are relatively stupid, thanks in large part to our declining educational standards. Those standards will be further degraded as the ′Common Core′ program is rammed through state legislatures and school systems by George Soros and his Socialist friends.

1912 Eighth Grade Exam

Common Core involves establishing a national education system geared towards teaching children just what they need to know to pass tests for college entrance exams. Much of the curriculum reflects an ′International′ world-view, with little or no emphasis on American history nor American Exceptionalism. Focusing mainly on English and Math, the subject material downplays America′s leadership in the world and promotes all things global. Common Core is being championed by the usual gang of idiots, such as the National Educational Association, NEA, and the American Federation of Teachers, AFT.

When George W. Bush and his buddy, Ted Kennedy, slapped together ′No Child Left Behind′, the idea was to establish a set of standards for rating the effectiveness of teachers. School systems with poor results would then lose federal money, inspiring local government to make serious changes. But, like all good intentions, the path instead led to the road to Hell as teachers began focusing their curriculum to just pass the tests so that the federal cash keeps flowing. Even with that, the teachers being turned out by our Socialist universities still are failing, forcing Obama to wave the penalties of No Child Left Behind.

The 1912 Eighth Grade Exam from Bullitt County Schools in Kentucky is very difficult compared to common exams used today. Even college graduates from Ivy League schools would have a hard time passing it. David Lee Strange was right when he expressed his fascination with the century′s old exam to ABC News. It proves that our nation′s education system has completely failed. The new Common Core system will just make it even worse.