Just when you thought it was safe, Rick Santorum is back and takes on the GOP! During his Iowa homecoming, Rick Santorum brings a whiff of candidacy, laying out plans for a Middle Class economic agenda. Gearing up for another obvious presidential run in 2016, Rick Santorum calls the Obama government timid on terror. Still, many question why Rick Santorum is not Conservative enough to challenge other Republican hopefuls, like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. He failed miserably in trying to beat Mitt Romney of all people. Many other 2016 contenders are also checking in at the Iowa State Fair, such as Donald Trump. Can Santorum rally enough support to make another go at the White House?

rick santorum takes on gop

Rick Santorum reminds me of the old child′s story of the little train engine that tries to climb a steep hill.. ″I think I can, I think I can.″ While the stout little train succeeds, Santorum fails. I′ve never liked this guy from Day One and I still don′t. To me, Santorum is an ugly, cheap copy of a John Edwards. No, I′m not saying that Rick cheats on his wife. What I am saying is that there is something slimy about him. He disturbs me very much. Maybe its just his annoying voice or mannerisms. I can′t put my finger on it, and I don′t really want to try to, because there is just something about Rick Santorum that tingles my ′Spidey-senses.′

So for all the bluster and press Rick Santorum is getting at his Iowa homecoming, as he takes on the GOP over a Middle Class economic agenda, there is no doubt that Rick Santorum brings a whiff of candidacy for 2016. Like any stopped clock, he′s right twice a day. Sure, he opposes abortion and thinks the Obama government is too timid on terror. But as we go deeper, it is easy to understand those who question why Rick Santorum is not Conservative enough. He′s certainly no Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.