If you have seen the Elysium movie trailer, you might think this could be the the big flick of 2013. The dystopian film comes from Neill Blomkamp of ′District 9′ fame and stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Elysium movie reviews are mixed, depending on your political persuasion. While Blomkamp and Damon deny that Elysium is Socialist propaganda, one cannot help but see it otherwise. The story line is simple – bad rich people steal everything from the poor and leave the Earth. The Sony Picture release even takes up the cause of Obama-Care, as Matt Damon′s character tries to take himself and other ′illegal immigrants′ to the Elysium space station for medical treatment. But, of course, the premise is extremely flawed, just as the Socialist politics the movie tries to preach…

Is Elysium just more Socialist propaganda from Hollywood? Image Credit: Sony Pictures

So the year is 2154 and the Earth is over-populated, polluted and loaded with misery and squalor. But not so in the happy-slappy space station of Elysium. There, the rich live a life of ease and comfort with all the free healthcare they can absorb. The trailer has Damon explaining how the rich, ″took all the food, water, and medicine″. Right! So if the rich took it all, why is the Earth still over-populated? Three days without water and you′re dead! About 30 days without food and you′re dead. Obviously, those evil rich people did not take everything. Maybe they just took enough to make created poor, miserable masses for entertainment purposes?

The movie′s biggest flaw is its basic premise. The rich would not have to take very much of anything if they chose to bug-out from a decaying, Earth-bound society. Why? Because it is a scientific fact that there is far more wealth and resources in space. Just in the neighborhood, the Moon and ′Near-Earth′ asteroids, there is at least five to six times the total combined resources of Earth. Given the cost of lifting all that tonnage around, it is far cheaper to utilize non-Earth resources. Even water is abundant if one can ′lasso′ and tow a passing comet to a point where it could be processed. How do you think the Earth got its water? From comets!

How funny and hypocritical the Far-Left is when it comes to science. They love to badger Christians with Darwin and evolution, poking fun at Sarah Palin and how she thinks ′The Flintstones′ was a documentary. But when it comes to issues like global warming/climate change, abortion, or Jodie Foster′s favorite topic, eugenics, well then, the Liberals oppose scientific reality because it is not politically correct. Speaking of Jodie Foster, it is easy to see why she enjoyed playing the role of the evil leader of Elysium since she is a big fan of cultivating a master race of International Socialists. The things some people do for enlightened despotism.

They, Neill Blomkamp and Matt Damon, may try to deny Elysium as a movie to promote Socialism, but science prevails to prove them wrong. The Elysium movie trailer for 2013 is enough to tell us what they are really up. To paint the rich as evil as stealing from the poor and denying them healthcare. Not to mention exulting the virtues of illegal immigration. No, I don′t have to see Elysium to review it as being nothing more than Liberal clap-trap. Shame on Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Neill Blomkamp. The only thing missing is an anti-fracking message sponsored by Gulf oil sheihks.