This could be the best news since the discovery of mescaline! The US Postal Service is considering the delivery of alcohol to its customers. The Post Office lost some $16 Billion last year. Even by Washington DC standards, that is a lot of money. In an interview with the Associated Press, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is eying the delivery of beer, wine and spirits to generate additional revenue. Donahoe is also in favor of ending Saturday mail delivery, as well as shifting door-to-door delivery to curb-side mail boxes and ′cluster-boxes′. Two U.S. senators, Tom Carper (D-DE) and Tom Colburn (R-OK) have drafted legislation for such in the Senate. Darrell Issa (R-CA), has done so as well in the House, which would end door-to-door delivery in ten years. Naturally, the postal workers union opposes reducing operations to just five days per week.

us postal service alcohol

To borrow a line from the movie, ″Lover Come Back″, ″What this country needs is a good ten-cent drunk!″ No kidding! Five and a half years of Barack Hussein Obama is enough to make anyone hit the bottle. So I say lets go for it and spend the remaining three and a half years of the Obama administration plastered. Hangovers be damned!

But on a serious note, I have to say as a disabled person who is essentially a shut-in due to my lousy legs, I am not a fan of ending door-to-door delivery. Much of my out-going mail is by way of me leaving letters to be picked up by my friendly postal worker from the mail box right beside my front door. Even getting packages delivered by UPS or Fed Ex at a designated spot where I can wrestle them inside has been an issue. One where I often call to complain.

Perhaps the Postal Service should take the idea of delivering booze one step further. Delivery fresh produce and groceries, too! God bless my friends who shop for me, but more often than not, the fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables are usually low in quality. If I were actually going through a grocery store, I would pass on about half of what they buy me. With America becoming older, I can only imagine how the problems of seniors and the handicapped in obtaining fresh, quality food becoming worse as time drags on.

So while I like the idea of the US Postal Service delivering alcohol, I foresee only bad things if the USPS is forced to reduce door-to-door service. The Post Office lost some $16 Billion last year and is on tap to lose another $15 Billion this year. That is a lot of money and one would think enough to spur the idea of developing robots which could carry out some of the delivery chores. I have mentioned this before, South Korea is spending a good deal of money and effort to develop a domestic robot and intends to have one in every home by 2035. Where are our inventors and industrial leaders? Why doesn′t Barack Obama take up the mantle for robotics? I believe it makes far more sense to invest in this than in Obama′s green energy boondoggles