Last week was a bad one for Barack Obama and his attempts to distract from ′phony scandals′, starting with a new Benghazi bombshell. Reports from Fox News and CNN on the Obama Benghazi cover up revealed that as many as three dozen CIA operatives were on hand during the Benghazi attack. That the Obama administration has the CIA giving survivors frequent lie detector tests and even changing some names to prevent them from talking with members of the Congressional investigation teams or the press. The UK Guardian reports that the reason the CIA was operating in Benghazi was to ship weapons from Libya to rebels in Syria. Could the current Al Qaeda threat be related?

benghazi bombshell

We also learned this week that the IRS scandal apparently began much earlier, in 2009 when Lois Lerner was with the enforcement division of the FEC, the Federal Elections Commission. At the request of the 2008 Obama campaign and a DNC group in Minnesota, Lerner emailed the IRS to obtain confidential tax reports on at least two Conservative political groups. To date, the Justice Department and FBI still have not talked with anyone from the Tea Party groups that Lerner went after when she joined the IRS.

Speaking of the Justice Department, the ′phony scandal′ about tapping reporters phone and email accounts took another turn as a Congressional subcommittee determined that Eric Holder did lie to a federal judge. A potential criminal offense if anyone bothers to properly investigate it. Meanwhile, emails and phone records continue to be fair game as reports of another NSA program were revealed this week. Known as ′Xkeyscore′, NSA analysts can access and look at nearly everything a user of the Internet does. It was also learned that when the NSA targeted one single, potential foreign terrorist that as many as 2.5 million addition phone and Internet records could be accessed by the same secret court order.

The Benghazi bombshell and other new information on the Obama scandals and cover ups this week make it all too clear that Barack Obama and his administration are running amok. Between the Benghazi attack and efforts to keep CIA operatives from talking, to the IRS-Tea Party scandal, the NSA scandal and the further woes of Eric Holder and the Justice Department, is it any wonder that Obama is trying to deflect and distract us?