Meow! Who doesn′t like a good cat fight? Especially when its between two Liberal Democrat women, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin! Yes, the fur is flying as Bill and Hillary are upset over Anthony Weiner and his latest sexting antics. They and their cohorts are trying to get Weiner to disappear and exit the New York City mayoral race. Especially now after an intern of the campaign, Olivia Nuzzi, confirmed that the only reason people were joining the Weiner bandwagon was to get close to his wife, Huma ′Yabba-Dabba′ Abedin in order to position themselves for cushy jobs in the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run. Ouch! Talk about being a doormat! Not only his her husband walking all over Huma, but also Liberal political sycophants. What is poor Huma to do?

hillary clinton huma abedin

Once again we see the folly of Liberal Democrat wives trying to ′stand by your man′ when their men are sexual degenerates. Needless to say, the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin story is resurfacing Bill Clinton′s misdeeds and the joke that Hillary became. I guess that explains those rumors about Hillary and Markie Post. Or Hillary and Vince Foster. Or Hillary and Huma! The list goes on! Will we see a fresh list about Bill Clinton′s many affairs since after leaving the White House? There are plenty of rumors floating about, even before Weiner′s latest escapades.

Speaking of Weiner, he seems to be getting more help, if you can call it that, from his spokeswoman, Barbara Morgan, who lashed out at the intern. Morgan called Olivia Nuzzi pretty much everything in the book. From a ″slutbag″ to a ″little c**t″! Ouch! Meow! Now that is what I call a spokeswoman! I wonder just how far Barbara Morgan can shove her feet inside her mouth? Perhaps Mika Brzezinski can give her some tips?

So will the cat fight between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin end their relationship? Is Hillary worried that Anthony Weiner and his sexting scandal may harm her presidential campaign in 2016? Will the Clinton′s and their confederates derail Weiner′s mayoral race? And what about Barbara Morgan and Olivia Nuzzi? Can they ever find happiness again? Stay tuned for more of Real Liberal Housewives of New York City!