Barack Hussein Obama is continuing his latest ′income-inequality′ tour until he departs for his multimillion-dollar vacation at Martha′s Vineyard on August 9. Obama is doubling down on promoting his healthcare nightmare, as well as attacking House Republicans for ′phony scandals′ and other national ills. Perhaps the oddest admission of the past week was when Obama also blames the Liberal Media for his failed administration. He said that the press tells him that his ideas are good, so therefore they must be, right? WRONG! Obama needs a dose of tough love and a reality wake-up call. The sort we see in some of my favorite TV shows, ′Kitchen Nightmare′ and ′Bar Rescue.′

obama photo

Yesterday, BBC America aired the rerun of one of my favorite episodes of ′Kitchen Nightmares′, the one where Chef Gordon Ramsay visits the Capri Pizzeria in Eagle Rock, California. There, the chef meets the owners, a pair of chubby, lazy, identical twins named Jim and Jeff. Their pizzeria hadn′t been cleaned in years and the food they served was atrocious. Most of the ingredients they used were frozen, even the meatballs! So Chef Gordon got in their face and forced them to clean the place. Then he taught them how to make a tasty meatball from scratch using fresh ingredients. Ramsay then ordered the twins to run outside onto the street and shout, ″WE HAVE HOMEMADE MEATBALLS!!!″ well into the night. The pizzeria reopened and became a hit with customers thanks to a smaller menu of better quality food.

When our Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, it was very simple and clean. Congress only had 17 specific functions. The President, executive branch and the federal courts even less. In foodie, restaurant terms, a very short and focused menu. Maybe four appetizers, at most a dozen entrees and a couple of desserts. That′s it! That′s all one needs.

But, over the decades and now centuries, our national ′menu′ has grown to the size of a NYC phone book. Government is trying to do anything and everything. The end result is bad service, doing nothing for nobody. I suppose one could say that it is doing a couple of things, like bankrupting the nation and oppressing the citizens. For Obama, the ′menu′ still is not large enough. He wants the government to have a hand in every aspect of our lives. Its impossible to do, plain and simple.

Of course, Barack Hussein Obama will not change his ways. The press tells him he′s doing a great job and Chris Matthews will offer any apologies when needed. Its not like there is nobody offering sound advice to Obama, plenty are, but he is just too pig-headed and stupid to acknowledge his failures and move forward. So do not expect Obama to brag about fresh, delicious homemade meatballs anytime in the future. He is on a Path of Doom and dragging the nation down with him.