In seven cities across America on Monday, some fast food workers walk off and strike to protest for more money. Along with demands to unionize, they want at least $15 per hour plus healthcare benefits. You may ask what the minimum wage is currently? Nationally it is at $7.25 per hour, though several states have higher minimum wages. McDonald’s was the primary target for SEIU, Service Employees International Union, and their confederates, such as ′faith-based′ religious groups known for their adherence to the Marxist, ′Liberation Theology.′ But in some of the targeted cities, like Detroit and Flint in Michigan, fast food workers took a pass on the one-day strike. Some workers from other fast food chains, like Burger King, Wendy′s and KFC, also supported the strike to a lesser degree. So was this demonstration truly designed for seeking a ′living wage′? Or was it just another attempt by SEIU to increase dues-paying membership?

fast food workers strike

This is yet another example of the tired, old, tedious argument as to whether or not workers are ′owed′ anything. We recently saw how the city of Washington DC tried to force Wal-Mart to pay their employees $15 per hour in order to open and operate three stores in our nation′s capitol. After the city council approved the measure, Wal-Mart scrapped its plans to expand in the DC area.

Typical of the anti-business climate created by Liberal Democrat administrations who are really Socialists at heart. We′ve seen it all before. When people wonder why Detroit is bankrupt, consider this. The City of Detroit actually has as a policy to force at least 20 small businesses per week to be closed! One would think that given the state of finances in Detroit, the city′s leadership would be more inclined to encourage the creation of more small businesses. But Liberal Democrats prefer to act as Fascists instead.

During the Coleman A. Young administration, Detroit had a plan to clear out all small businesses and residents from the M-53/Van Dyke Avenue corridor. An area of several square miles was to be laid to waste by cutting back on police and fire services, along with letting streetlights and sewage systems to decay. The goal was to empty the area out so the city could then sell it to Chrysler. They wanted to build a mega-factory which would cover some 5 miles North-to-South from Lynch Road to 11 Mile Road and about 3 miles wide from Mount Elliot to Schoenher avenues. The deal would have been similar to one the Young administration had cut earlier with General Motors known as ′Pole-Town′, which forced out a thriving, mostly White, Polish neighborhood. GM′s ′Pole-Town′ plant turned into a disaster very quickly and the mega-factory is essentially a ghost town now.

Fast food workers may strike or walk off their jobs demanding a ′living wage′, but the reality is that such jobs are not true careers. Those who wish to make it such work hard and get promoted to management. But for the most part, most fast food industry jobs are meant to be entry-level employment. They are fine for working while going to school or working part-time for some extra cash. But beyond that, they are little more than a cultural boot camp for teaching the youth of America some responsibility. Something to learn the lessons that will aid them later in life when they seek a true career. Businesses like McDonald′s, Wendy′s, Burger King or KFC function on very tight margins. Unlike SEIU, they are accountable to their investors and must operate in the Real World.