Coach of ′The Voice′, Adam Levine, addresses ′stupid media hype′ during the TCA panel this weekend. Appearing at the panel discussion of Television Critics Association were other members of ′The Voice′, such as Carson Daly, Christine Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. The controversy began earlier this year when Adam Levine commented, ′I hate this country′ to a ′hot′ microphone. Levine quickly backtracked on his gaffe, saying that he does not hate America. But do you believe him?

adam levine

Perhaps a better question is do you care if Adam Levine hates America? Or do you care if he now claims he doesn′t hate America? Is he just another Hollywood-Celebrity idiot who is clueless about politics? Did his off hand remark offend you, perhaps to the point of not watching the stupid TV show he′s on?

Well, it is a Monday and today we have an Open Thread for you to kick around. Not much real news happened at all this weekend. Sure, we have Obama doubling down once again on not building the Keystone XL pipeline. And continuing his talking points about ′phony scandals.′ And threatening to veto any new budget that cuts spending. And hyping ObamaCare as the best thing since penicillin in medicine.

You get the picture. Obama′s endless droning of lies and distractions have gone well past the point of boredom. So feel free to comment on any subject that is gnawing away at you. I do have one piece of fun news to share with all of you. I will be making another live appearance on the Internet radio show, The Truth Is Out There, this Wednesday evening at 9pm EDT. So join the fun and listen in, or, if you are so motivated, join the conversation!

Frankly, I could care less if Adam Levine addresses the ′stupid media hype′ during the TCA panel about his ′I hate this country′ remark. I′ve never watched ′The Voice′ nor do I ever plan to do so. I′d rather have shards of bamboo shoved up my fingernails than watch that stupid show! Even if the Television Critics Association offered me a free membership, I still would not watch it. The whole bunch of them, Christine Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Carson Daly are useless. A waste of human flesh.