Sydney Leather of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal has gone public, appearing on ′Inside Edition′. She said during the interview that she felt ′manipulated′ by the ′perpetually horny′ Weiner. Anthony Weiner now says he messaged 3 women sending lewd photos using his new pseudonym of ′Carlos Danger′. Later, he says he may have sent photos and racy text messages to six to ten women. It is also being reported that Weiner′s brother, Jason, allegedly threatened Sydney Leather to remain quiet about the sexting affair. Meanwhile, Sydney′s mother, Laura Leather, told the New York Daily News, ″God help New York if Anthony Weiner is mayor.″ No kidding!

Sydney Leather Weiner

But, like most Liberal Democrats, God has no place in their lives, so New York City is on its own to be doomed. If there is any good news, it is that the latest poll numbers show Weiner slipping since this new scandal became public. There are, of course, conspiracy theories already on the new sexting scandal. The best one is that the Media is still mad at Hillary Clinton and is sending a signal that should she run for president in 2016, her husband Bill′s latest intrigues will be made public, ruining her campaign ambitions. That Obama has already accepted his marching orders from George Soros to allow a RINO, either Chris Christie or Marco Rubio, to become the next president.

Anthony Weiner has clearly demonstrated that he is out of control and psychologically disturbed. He claims that he was forced to seek solace with other women because Huma was mad at him over the previous sexting scandal which forced him to resign in disgrace from Congress. Yet, she still stood next to Weiner like a potted plant during his presser the other day when he defiantly declared that he will not drop out of the New York mayoral race.

Do you think Sydney Leather is right about Anthony Weiner? That he is a manipulative, perpetually horny man? Do you think that Anthony Weiner only messaged 3 women, or even only six or ten using his pseudonym of Carlos Danger? How about Laura Leather, Sydney′s mother? Is she right that only God can save New York City from the likes of Anthony Weiner? Does anybody think that this tortured saga is far from over? There is much to mull and snicker about when it comes to Anthony Weiner. I can′t help but think that his theme song should be the old Frank Zappa tune, ″Maybe You Should Stay With Your Mama.″ ″She can do your laundry and cook for you. And you should never smoke in pajamas, you may start a fire and burn your face. Maybe you should live in Managua. Your kind could go unnoticed in such a place.″