Barack Obama gave an economic speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, spending more time on railing against Congressional Republicans and ′phony scandals′. The Politico reported several days ago that the White House was going to begin a push back using the phrase phony scandals in hopes of stemming the bleeding poll numbers. The Obama job approval rating in the latest cycle of polls show him in the mid to low 40% range with one right at 41%. Obama′s economic address lasted some 69 minutes and amounted to little more than a rehash of every other speech he has given in the past five years. Even some Democrat pundits were disappointed by the lack of any clear vision or proposals for any new programs.

obama economic speech

But the so-called ′phony scandals′ keep piling up despite Obama′s and the Liberal Media′s attempts to ignore them. In the past week, we have learned that the ′phony′ IRS scandal was not just some prank pulled by a couple of wayward employees in Cincinnati, but orchestrated from IRS headquarters in Washington, DC. Also that the trail of responsibility appears to be landing straight at the doors of the White House and Obama.

The ′phony scandal′ of Benghazi-Gate has also taken a fresh turn as the commanding general of the region who was forced out by Obama gave a speech acknowledging that everyone knew our facilities in Benghazi, Libya was being attacked by terrorists. The State Department continues to stonewall Congressional investigators, denying them access to the survivors of the attack.

Another lesser known ′phony scandal′ concerning the shooting down of a helicopter loaded with 22 U.S. Navy SEAL troops in Afghanistan in 2011 will finally get some light shed upon it as the House plans on holding hearings. This is a real disaster that may start to look like the SEAL team had been set-up for ambush as a means for the Obama administration to make amends to Pakistan after the Bib Laden raid just three months before. There were many oddities with the operation and aftermath, including the Pentagon inviting a Muslim Imam to speak at the memorial service, who then launched into a prayer in Arabic praising the deaths of the SEALs and damning their souls to Hell.

We also have a new potential scandal involving Hillary Clinton′s brother who may have tried to use influence to expedite an investor visa as part of a financial deal with a company that Terry McAuliffe was associated with. Green Tech Automotive was started by McAuliffe in 2009 and has been under some scrutiny already over building its factory in Mississippi instead of Virginia, which had given the firm extensive tax breaks and other economic assistance thinking that GTA would build its factory there. McAuliffe resigned from GTA in December to run for governor in Virginia just as the scandals began to surface.

Of course, the real scandal is that Barack Obama has the nerve to even make another economic speech. Let alone drone on for 69 minutes at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Obama′s economic address was just more of the same old redistribution-big government nonsense he has been peddling for the past five years. Forget about ′phony scandals′, Obama is a real scandal when it comes to job creation and economic growth. Over nine million Americans have simply stopped looking for a job, some 23 million are either under or unemployed and 15 million are on food stamps. The Commerce Department has just downgraded its projections of GDP growth from 2% to just 1.5%. Obama told the crowd at Knox College that Congressional Republicans are to blame but the truth is that the Obama administration is. Just this week, another 6,000 new federal regulations went into effect. How can any small business owner keep up? No wonder the Obama approval rating is sinking!