After about eleven hours of labor, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their baby boy. The son of Prince William and Duchess Kate has a title already, that of Prince of Cambridge, but no name. Under British law, parents can take up to 42 days before deciding on a name. The Queen and Prince Phillip took a whole month to name Charles, who took a week with Princess Diana to name William. So the royal baby name rumors are flying now! What name will William and Kate choose to name their eight-pound, six ounce heir to the British throne?

royal baby name rumors

George is leading the pack on the betting lines. James is also popular with gamblers, but may have some political issues associated with it. Scotland was no fan of King James II and neither were many in England, causing James II to abdicate the throne and flee to France, becoming known as ′James the Pretender′. Scotland is voting later this year on whether or not to remain part of the British Commonwealth. Another name on the royal short-list is Edward, but the last King Edward, the VIII, also abdicated the throne when he chose to marry the American double-divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

Some are hoping for a more historic name, such as Albert, in honor of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria′s much beloved husband. There is also Alfred, the last of which was Alfred the Great who was the last Anglo-Saxon king before the Norman invasion in 1066. Then, of course, there is Arthur. Think about that one! How cool would it be for another King Arthur to rule over England?

Alexander, Phillip and Louis are also high contenders stoking the royal baby name rumors. Which ever name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide upon, their infant son is already the third in line of succession to become the 43rd monarch of the United Kingdom. Given the longevity of his family′s bloodlines, Prince ′X′ could become the King who leads England from the 21st into the 22nd Century. Say what you want about democracy, the British monarchy does offer the British people a sense of cultural stability despite their limited political power.