As the world’s obsession with social media shows no sign of abating, I submit two photos for our readers’ consideration that should at least give us justification for questioning the true value of Twitter.

Unfortunately you can click on these images to blow them up, but I have to remind our readers as I remind my own children that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you really should do it.

The first picture of Geraldo Rivera nude, or sort of naked from the waist up, was posted by the Renaissance man himself. Apparently there hasn’t been a hurricane lately, so Geraldo posted the picture on Twitter as a surrogate for missing air time.

The photo was so ridiculed in the small circles of those who follow cable news personalities that another equally large personality decided the occasion was important enough to post a rebuttal picture. Granted, this is not a picture of Glenn Back naked nor should the world ever see such a nightmare, but we have to agree that it is the next best thing.

Now I ask what are perhaps the obvious questions. Why are media personalities so obsessed with themselves? Why do they have so many Twitter followers that people notice these ventures into the macabre?

(credit Twitter: Geraldo Rivera / Glenn Back)