The big news of the day is that the Royal Baby Watch has reached its climax as Catherine, a.k.a. Kate Miiddleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has gone into labor. Or ′labour′ as they say across the pond. Prince William and his wife reportedly arrived at St. Mary′s Hospital at about 5:30am GMT. That is the time of day in London, England for you Low-Information Obama voters. According to officials at Kensington Palace, William′s and Kate′s residence, the happy couple sweating things out together in a private room in the hospital′s Lindo Wing. The same place where Prince William, himself, was born. Royal Baby watchers have been anxiously camped outside the hospital for over a week waiting for this happy moment. But royal protocol demands that before the public is informed, the baby′s birth certificate will first be driven to Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth II will be notified. The certificate will then be displayed on a golden, gilded easel for the public.

royal baby watch

Protocol may delay any public announcements because should the birth take place while the Queen is asleep, she will not be wakened until her usual time the next morning. Although, many suspect that due to social media, the news may leak prematurely. There is also speculation that Prince William, himself, might step outside the Lindo Wing at St. Mary′s Hospital to make an announcement before the gathering crowds of international media and well wishers.

The new royal baby automatically becomes the third in succession to the royal throne, displacing Prince Harry to fourth place. While we are told that the couple does not know the sex of the child, rumors have it that it may be a girl. The British Parliament recently modified their succession laws to allow for a female to be queen even if there is a male heir to the throne. Speculation on royal baby names run high with Victoria, Alexandra, Diana and Elizabeth as front-runners for a girl and James, George, Edward and Albert for a boy.

If you think this is much ado about nothing, consider this. Queen Elizabeth II is the recognized royal sovereign of some 16 nations with a combined population of about two billion people. On the money side, the royal baby birth is expected to have an immediate boost of some $400 Million dollars on the first day alone. Just the celebration of the announcement is expected to boost alcohol sales by $100 million dollars in one day! Indeed, the Lindo Wing is known to have an extensive wine list, so even William and Kate can pop a cork or two after the deed is done. Beyond that, who knows? The popularity of William and Kate was so great that their wedding added over a billion dollars in tourism.

So get ready as the Royal Baby watch enters the home stretch as the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has gone into labor. At the time of my writing this, Kate Middleton has been at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary′s Hospital in London for about nine hours. Princess Diana took 16 hours to have Prince William. All eyes will be watching as we await the happy news of the royal baby birth. Heck, even Bob Beckel is interested! Good luck to all involved! If you were they, which names would you pick for a boy or a girl?