Al Sharpton and his National Action Network held Justice for Trayvon Martin rallies in about 100 cities yesterday. Expressing outrage over the George Zimmerman trial verdict, many continue to tie the Trayvon Martin case with Stand Your Ground laws in Florida and some 27 other states, despite the fact that the law was not an issue during the trial. But even with Barack Obama remarking on Trayvon Martin, turn out was low. In New York City, where Sharpton shared the podium with Martin′s mother, the rally for Trayvon Martin barely had 500 attending it. Nationwide the crowds were also generally small. Has the country grown weary already on the story?

justice for trayvon martin
Are organizers of Trayvon Martin rallies interested in justice, or just hyping merchandise?

That would seem to be the case. The ′story′ of injustice towards Trayvon Martin is just that, a ′story′, a work of fiction. The racial aspect was fabricated by the Media, especially by NBC/MSNBC after they doctored the audio of the 9-1-1 call. Others in the Liberal press tried to connect the Stand Your Ground law in Florida as being a factor. But Zimmerman′s defense team did not use it at all. Add to that the fact that the law actually has benefited Blacks in Florida disproportionally, with about 35% of all Stand Your Ground cases favoring African-Americans who used it to defend themselves from others.

Recent polling data also shows that the nation is largely ignoring the whole thing. Less than a quarter of the population are paying any attention to it. One poll shows that both Zimmerman and Obama share the same disapproval numbers of 48%. Blame it on short attention spans or perhaps that Al Sharpton and his professional protestors have been seem for what they truly are. The ′story′ has run its course and in another week or two, it will die a natural death.

So the Justice for Trayvon Martin rallies held by Al Sharpton and his National Action Network have turned out to be a dud. With only some 500 people showing up the the rally for Trayvon Martin in New York City, despite appearances by celebrities like Beyonce′, it would seem that the outrage is withering away. None of the cities that held a Trayvon Martin rally had large turnouts. The American people have moved on. Will the Liberal Media get the message?