President Barack Obama spoke on Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial yesterday. During a 17-minute speech, Obama′s remarks were confused and typical, both fanning the flames of racial tensions while reporting that race relations have improved in the past 35 years. ″He could have been me″, said Obama. Some wonder why Obama chose Friday afternoon to inject himself deeper into the Martin-Zimmerman case? Could it be that there will be pro-Trayvon rallies in perhaps 100 cities across America today led by Al Sharpton and others in the race-hustling industry? Is Obama hoping that riots break out so he can call in those 15,000 Russians to help seize power and establish himself as a dictator? Or is Obama sending a signal to his supporters in the NAACP and the Black community that the Justice Department will not really be pursuing any further legal actions against George Zimmerman. An acknowledgment that justice has been served by the Florida courts since race had nothing to do with the case.

obama trayvon martin

Obama started off the week with a statement on Sunday after the Zimmerman trial verdict was announced, attempting to redirect the focus on gun control legislation. After that, Obama remained silent on the matter, instead turning his attentions to his Affordable Care Act which is unraveling from its sheer weight. Just about everything Obama said or promised about the ACA has turned out to be a lie. The credibility of the Obama administration itself has been sinking rapidly the past two months as scandals emerged with the IRS, NSA and the Department of Justice.

Not wanting to let a good crisis go to waste, Obama now turns to distract America once again, this time over Trayvon Martin. He claims that he, himself, has been followed in stores. Probably because as a youth, he was stoned all of the time and wreaked of marijuana! Beyond that, he led a rather privileged life, attending a swanky, posh prep school. Hardly the same experience as Trayvon Martin, who had been suspended from school for vandalism and caught with stolen jewelry. Let us not forget Trayvon beating up a school bus driver, too!

Obama went on to talk about the violence that many Black men face, saying that if Trayvon had been White, the outcome of the trial would have been different. That Zimmerman probably would not have followed him in the first place. What balderdash! Statistically, about 91% of Blacks murdered are killed by other Blacks. Only about 7% are killed by Whites. In the reverse, 16% of all Whites murdered are killed by Blacks. I am quite certain that far more Whites are followed in stores and elsewhere because they are seen as ′suspicious.′

I can tell you from my own experiences, being a minority White in the City of Detroit, that I am harassed, followed, and generally threatened routinely. Even by the police! I can also tell you, having dated Black women, that racism cuts both ways. Every Black woman I′ve ever dated has always felt compelled to explain to me their views of the ′social pyramid.′ White men are on top, followed by White women, then Black women, with Black men coming in fourth. Hispanics and Asians are on the bottom of the heap in their minds.

Race relations have improved over the past 35 years, but obviously we still have a long way to go. In my own personal opinion, I believe that the majority of Whites have evolved mentally to the point where race is less of an issue. I also believe that most Blacks these days have also evolved mentally to the point where they have put whatever biases behind them and have moved forward. But, sad to say, there are still holdouts who cling to their prejudices. Whether its a race hustler like Al Sharpton or some Neo-Nazi type, they will continue to exploit anyone they can to further their agendas and incomes.

President Barack Obama was not helpful in his speech on Trayvon Martin yesterday. Further proof that presidents in general should not comment on what amounts to local crime cases. Obama′s remarks were self-serving and uncalled for. If anyone has set race relations backwards, its not the jurors of the George Zimmerman trial with their verdict, but Barack Hussein Obama. Bad enough that his economic policies have made poverty in the Black community worse. Now he wants to throw gasoline on the fire of this weekend′s pro-Trayvon Martin rallies. Obama, the community organizer/agitator, is an expert on protests. Its about the only thing he does actually know.