On Friday, the new issue featuring the Dzhokar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover hits the news stands across America. Well, some anyway. A growing list of retailers are refusing to sell the Rolling Stone magazine with the Boston Bomber on the cover. Rolling Stone magazine covers are often controversial, but have they gone too far this time? It would seem so as the outrage and boycotts gather momentum, not only in stores but also on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Many are angered that the magazine, which jumped the shark ages ago, is making the murderous monster look like some boy-band rock star. How many school lockers of 14-year old girls will sport a copy of the Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover this fall?

tsarnaev rolling stone cover

One thing is for certain, this story appears to have bumped the Trayvon-Zimmerman story off the radar for a day. Thank goodness for that! Some of you may also be concerned that I have not been bashing Barack Hussein Obama enough lately. Rest assured, Obama is still a Socialist and is still stupid! Obama-Care is still in big trouble as the House voted to delay the individual mandate for a year. The U.S. dollar is still loosing ground. Some 23 million Americans still cannot find full-time employment. AAA reports that gasoline will NEVER be below $3 a gallon again. All thanks to Obama!

In other fun news, we have another hearing about the IRS scandal, this time featuring retired IRS attorney Carter Hull, who apparently will ′name names′, possibly even an Obama appointee. Meanwhile, young women at the University of Pennsylvania no longer want to date men, just have sex with them. This might explain why fewer men want to get married or have children. But don′t worry. Twinkies are back on store shelves and the Kool-Aid man-logo is naked once again.

So are you outraged by the Dvhokar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover? Do Rolling Stone magazine covers in general make your skin crawl? Will you participate in the boycott of the Rolling Stone magazine with the Boston Bomber on its cover? Or are you more geeked up with anticipation for tonight′s re-airing of SHARKNADO on the SyFy Channel? It′s the Dog Days of Summer, folks! Enjoy them while they last. The winter of our discontent is just around the corner. At the sign post up ahead, next stop, the Obama Zone!