The death of Trayvon Martin has spawned a whole new level of utter lunacy in America. First we start with Anthea Butler, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She blogged her reaction to the George Zimmerman trial verdict stating that God is a ′Big White Racist.′ Really?!?! This woman has completely lost her mind and one can only hope that the school suspends or fires her. She obviously has no business teaching religion. While ′Pro-Trayvon′ supporters loot, riot and have begun beating up whites nationwide, we learned from Trayvon′s ′gal-pal′, Rachel Jeantel that it was she who goaded Trayvon Martin into a violent confrontation with George Zimmerman. During her interview on CNN with Piers Morgan, Jeantel said that she advised Trayvon not to return directly to his father′s girlfriend′s house. That she told Trayvon that the ″creepy-ass-cracka″ was probably a gay rapist and taunted Trayvon into attacking George Zimmerman.

god white racist

Meanwhile, Eric Holder spoke before the NAACP convention in Orlando, Florida, stating that the Department of Justice still has an open case file on the incident and continues to investigate. Funny that this should take place in Florida, which is being considered for a boycott by many Left-Wing groups. Speaking of Marxists, our old friends in the Occupy Movement have joined the ranks of Pro-Trayvon rioters calling for attacks on Capitalism. In Oakland, California, dozens of businesses have been vandalized. We are now also getting reports from several cities of whites being beaten up by blacks who proclaim that this is revenge for Trayvon.

The reality all along is that this was a simple case of self-defense. George Zimmerman did absolutely nothing to provoke Trayvon Martin into launching a violent response. At worst, Zimmerman may have made Trayvon feel uncomfortable, but he only had himself to blame for that by walking close alongside houses in the neighborhood, then cutting through backyards. If anyone is to blame for the death of Trayvon Martin, it is Rachel Jeantel. She put the idea in Trayvon′s head that Zimmerman was some gay rapist and that Trayvon needed to ′man-up′ and confront Zimmerman. As for the University of Pennsylvania religion professor, Anthea Butler, the school should give her 24 hours to retract her statement about God being a ′Big White Racist′ and to offer an apology. If not, then she should be immediately dismissed. The Left-Wing loons are running wild and if they are allowed to continue, this is going to get a lot worse very soon.