The movie everyone is talking about, SHARKNADO, will be re-aired on the SyFy Channel at 7pm EDT on Thursday, July 18. Yes, SHARKNADO! A tornado, or water spout, loaded with sharks ravages a sea-side resort. Starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, SHARKNADO was a ratings hit, not only on TV, but was also all the rage on Twitter and other social media. Reaction was so amazing that there is even talk now of a SHARKNADO sequel. Watch the SHARKNADO trailer below if you need further convincing that this may be the greatest film ever made!


Okay, so a massive hurricane causes a huge school of sharks to be driven towards the coast line of California. Then a huge tornado is spawned by the hurricane, sucking up thousands of sharks, carrying them inland. The sharks are flying everywhere! People fight back with shotguns, dynamite and chain saws! Are you ready for SHARKNADO?

I just don′t know why we bother anymore? Our political and economic systems are a mess. Our culture is unraveling at the seams. Western Civilization is on the brink of self-destruction. But hey, forget about all of that! We have SHARKNADO! What else do we possibly need?

SHARKNADO-mania is sweeping the country, if not the whole planet! I suppose its better than sushi, of which I have never developed a taste for. Give me some pan-fried lake perch, breaded with cornmeal any day and I′m a happy camper. I′ll even settle for some battered cod so long as a side order of hush puppies comes along with it. Oh yes, let us not forget some french fries, too!

So will you watch the SHARKNADO movie when the SyFY Channel re-airs it Thursday night? SHARKNADO ratings and Twitter traffic was volcanic when it first aired. Many have already used it in parodies and such, raising the campy film to cult status. For stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, SHARKNADO may prove to be a major career boost. So break out the popcorn and watch the SHARKNADO trailer below to get into the mood.