Will you buy a copy of the new Paula Deen comic book? Believe it or not, the former Food Network star has teamed up with Bluewater Productions as part of its ′Female Force′ line of comic books. She joins a list of other women celebrities, such as Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres. So what next can we expect? Charlie Sheen searching for the Loch Ness monster? Oh wait! Charlie Sheen is in Scotland hunting for the Loch Ness monster! So whether it is Paula Deen and her racial slurs or dysfunctional Charlie Sheen, there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for celebrities behaving badly.

paula deen comic book

This is an ′Open Thread′ piece. Its Friday and we need a bit of levity after another week of insanity. Sure, we can talk about immigration, or Egypt, or, as Dr. Michael Savage would say, ″the Constituuuuuuuuution″ (which no doubt irritates ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, to no end). There′s always the Zimmerman trial, too, for our amusement. So this is your chance to rant and vent about issues that you may care about. Or, you can always amaze us with delightful recipes for meatballs.

The center of Western Civilization is unraveling. Its only a matter of time. If we′re lucky we have maybe two decades before the whole thing spins out of control. With Obama manning the helm, the next couple of years are going to be rough enough. Especially after the news that the Justice Department is actually paying for protestors to be on hand outside the Florida courtroom when the Zimmerman verdict is reached. Is it a stretch to consider the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama WANTS a race war to break out? The DHS is looking for that ′upcoming disaster′ so they can bring in those 15,000 Russian troops into FEMA Region III. Is the Zimmerman trial being exploited so that Obama can oversee the suspension of the Constituuuuuuuution and declare martial law?

Sound nutty? No more so than a Paula Deen comic book! Or Charlie Sheen hunting for the Loch Ness monster. And people wonder why I am cynical and advocate for people preparing for the Apocalypse. Yes, Doomsday is just around the corner. But have a great weekend anyway! Who knows? Maybe by Monday Kate Middleton-Whatever will have her royal baby and at least the British monarchy will be around another generation. Seek any comfort where you can find it is my new motto!